Chris Tabor gives final update before Bucs game

Tabor announced tight end Hayden Hurst is out and Tommy Tremble remains doubtful.

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F nobody here that's Okay all right good go ahead just Wrapped up uh Friday's uh work right There we got one more day of preparation But I'll answer any Questions so you got one tight end out One's St full what's how do you kind of Make up for that I think it's it goes Into our planning all during during the Week we'll have options and we'll have Uh good plans uh you know we still got Really good players that we can play at Those spots and and how we use uze him So I feel confident in what we're doing Chris no injury designation for CJ Henderson did he clear the protocol he Did clear the protocol so we're on to The next Steps and Jeremy Chen Jeremy Chen he's You know all those guys worked out this Week and we we'll we'll see where it's At when you look at this team and you Know so far the season a one and 10 Start obviously at the end of your first Week what have the emotions been like What's you know the mindset kind of Going into Sunday now taking over and Having six games to go I think we're Excited you know and it doesn't really Matter what your role is we always talk About try to be a star in your role uh We're going through the process it was a Good week of practice and preparation I Like where the guys are at and I'm sure

Every coach does at this time of the Week uh but we got another day tomorrow To tighten some things up and uh we'll Get those things cleaned up and then We'll that'll put us in position to see What we can do on Sunday Chris have you Kind of ironed out or made any changes To who's going to be upstairs who's Going to be downstairs just kind of the Operation of it all the oper is going to Be pretty pretty smooth like what we've Done the only difference is Parks is Going to come down on the field and That'll really be the only Thing when you look at this team through 11 games what are some of the main Things you want to see now that you Perhaps maybe haven't seen so far Obviously I Know Your Role has changed a Lot more this week yeah I just want to You know we always talk about getting Better and uh putting ourselves up in in In a position to be successful um I I I Want to see us do that I I want us to See us just Contin play if if if they Stop us that's okay let's just keep Chopping wood let's just keep working Next play mentality and just be in Attack mode the whole Time still a little weird to look at That tape and see Baker Mayfield on the Other side after starting the year with Him this year he's a good player got a Lot of respect for him you know looking

Forward to seeing him you know in Pregame and saying hi to him in post Game but during the game obviously we'll Cheer against him so can you give me the History of the belt The Bell just happened to it just one Day was up on the podium and uh we were Just kind of starting and just kind of Just brought the class to order really And then it's kind of it's kind of grown Its own life from there and so just as Like in 202 or uh it started last year Started last year and uh kind of the the Same Bell is still there uh and uh the Guys like it you know just one of those Things that just it just happened and What's the weirdest thing you had to do Or ding somebody for well there's Probably quite a few things uh the Players probably could answer that Better than I could uh because they'll Probably have their own opinions on that Still on JC horn how how close do you Feel he is to coming back obviously Monday is when the window closes right The window closes on Monday I think he's Had a good week we'll just have to go Into the evaluation process just leaving Practice right now so haven't had an Opportunity to speak with the other Parties Involved all right anything else guys Thanks coach thanks Everybody

Charlotte North Carolina

Charlotte North Carolina – The City of Neighborhoods

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Charlotte is a city of neighborhoods. Each with a distinct vibe and unique charm. The city has a small town feel while still being big enough to have plenty of things to do and see. Charlotteans are friendly and hardworking people that always try to live their best lives. There is an electric buzz in the air that feeds ambition and a strong work ethic but also a sense of calm that keeps priorities in check.

There is always something going on in the city whether it’s a heated sports battle or chart topping entertainer. The city is a great place for all types of personalities. The food scene is also amazing with a variety of options from Southern comfort to hip eateries, breweries, wine bars and global flavors.

The city is a hub for professional and amateur sports with teams at all levels of the American league system. The Carolina Panthers in the National Football League and the Charlotte Hornets in the NBA are two of the more popular franchises to call Charlotte home. The city also hosts a number of annual major events such as the Coca-Cola 600 and the Circle K Speed Street Festival.

The city is a top business destination with Bank of America and Wells Fargo being the biggest employers. The city is also home to companies such as Lowe’s and American Airlines and has a thriving healthcare industry.

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