Frank Reich addresses the Colts game

Reich discussed the mistakes the team needs to learn from to move past Sunday’s loss against the Colts.

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Okay a few injury notes uh Woon had an Ankle Burns had a concussion Sullivan Had a shoulder Henderson had a Concussion Fain had a knee and woods had A thigh um tough loss uh give the Colts Credit um you know we were we did not Play well enough as a team I thought our Defense played well today um we I Thought we did a good job containing Their run game containing their offense In general Um so you know but we win and lose as a Team I thought you know special teams Wise we had a nice a few nice plays but Entirely too many penalties I mean you Can't you can't win football games when You make special teams penalties like That and then offensively obviously it Was a struggle it was a struggle all day Um penalties and um Executing um you know so it was a Struggle there but the good news is um That we play Thursday so no one's is Going to feel sorry for us um so we got To get back to work uh it's a quick Turnaround we got to learn from our Mistakes and get ready for Thursday Night Football open it up Frank two Sixes in 14 game the defense plays as Well as it does how do you keep this From snowballing offensively even though You are playing in a couple of Days I think the character of our Leadership will do a great job they

Understand we're in this together and um You know and the and what I just talked To Bryce about in there is I I said Listen I've been a part of some over a Lot of years I've seen games like this Many times and it's not all on the just The pick sixes I know it seems that way But we put him in a hard position a Couple times um obviously Bryce has you Know he owns his share of it we all but We're all part of it we're all part of It so we got to do a better job was he Tentative tonight or what what was the Pr you know I just think we we got off To a slow start we were backed up a few Times um um I thought their their Rush Early was good they beat us they they Pressured us early and um you know we Just never really seemed to get a rhythm But specifically what did you see out of Bryce he did I mean it was his worst Game pick sixes or whatever what did you Make of I got to obviously look at the Film you know to see what was to see you Know see why you know I was about I was About to say to see what's his what's That I mean you know the one thing that You don't do as a coach this isn't about Finger pointing and but you do try to Find reasons I mean as you're saying Joe I mean we're we're looking for reasons We're looking at things that we have to Correct so that's what we do we're not Going to finger point um you know it all

Starts with me as the head coach so I Gotta we have to get ready to play and We have to play at a higher level is There any is there any part of you that Is there any part of you that feels that Has entertained the idea of maybe Sitting him down letting him watch going With Andy or is is it just something as A rookie you just got to yeah go through The Mistakes I suppose that's a fair Question but I can honestly tell you That thought's never even came close to Entering my mind how's his confidence Level I think his confidence level will Be great um listen I've seen this happen To the best quarterbacks in the history Of the game I mean they all have they All have games like this and sure it's Going to be easy to you know it's easy To put it on the quarterback and um but You bounce back that's what makes the Great ones and it's a long road you know It's a long road to uh you know as like I've said this many times the Quarterback Journey developing into the Franchise quarterback it's a long road And uh so we I slash We Believe very Strongly in Bryce um coming into this Game I felt like he was hitting the Rhythm in a stride this is this is a Step backwards for us as an offense you Know we were starting thought we had Several games in a row where we're

Making good strides and then we went out And laid an egg today offensively so uh Credit the Colts defense credit Gus Bradley and their players the way they You know how they played us we got to do A better job um but it was one game and And the reality is not that we were Lighting up the scoreboard but Bryce was Playing Bryce has been playing good Football this is one game and um so I'm Not going to not even thinking twice About it does it make it does it make it Especially frustrating given the way the Defense played where they only let the Colts in the end zone one yeah it does I Mean that that offense you know had that Had a streak going of you know scoring 20 points or more 350 yards every game You know their offense was very Explosive the whole year they've been Very consistent and our defense came in And and and we did what we wanted to do Against them and did a great job you Know as a credit to EJ and the and the Defensive staff and the players um Played very good on Defense besides the the pick six there Was the the flag on Xavier Woods on Third down lining up offside on the Punts just the self-inflicted wounds how How kind of frustrating is that very Frustrating early in that game we had Three penalties that were devastating Penalties extend drive two of them

Extend drives that they end up getting Points on you can't do that I mean you Can't do that and be a good football Team um you know we we we talk about Those things all the time we watch tape On it you know we talked about the Things that came up the things that came Up we we've talked about we've sitting Here in meetings we show tape um you Know so as Co and as coaches and players We got to figure that out I mean there's Just too many of those mistakes um That's Frustrating don't don't land though Excuse me when those coaching points Don't land I mean when you're in those Meetings talking about the very things That happen just yeah I Mean everybody's got to take Accountability you know if if you're the Position coach coach and it's in your Position you feel like it was you who Committed the foul because you got to Figure out how else can I communicate it If you're the player you got to take Ownership if you're the head coach you Have to take ownership because you're You know you're in charge of everything You're responsible for everything so if You're the coordinator you got to figure Out what can I do to do my part to get These things cleaned up I thought we had A couple game stretch before this where Our penalties were down where we were

Playing good clean football for I don't Know two or three games it felt like That I don't have to go back and check It but uh I think last we had three Penalties I don't know what we had the Week before but this this was every I Mean it was bad it was really bad uh Penalty wise question when you guys were Evaluating Bryce coming out of college Was you didn't really have much for M States because he didn't make many Mistakes now that you're seeing them Coming and sometimes in bunches like T Night can you how anything you can put Your finger on why that keeps Happening it happens you know what I Mean and I I'm I'm just not going to panic and Listen I hate that it happened you know Because like it's like we said the Defense played well this is a game you Know we should have you know I feel like Hey I give them credit they beat us but You know I thought we had a great week Of practice and I expected us to win This game um you know but offensively it It happens and as a quarterback it Happens I told Bryson there like I said I've seen the best quarterbacks in the Game have way worse games than this way Worse Okay so so you don't Flinch um in Some ways it's good for him to go Through this in some ways it's it's good It's good to kind of have to bounce back

After something like this um so that's What we do we learn you don't like to Fail um but when you do fail it's not if We really learn from it and if we get Better from it it's ultimately put in The category of just another step to Getting us where we want to be and we Take some lumps in the meantime and it Sets us back but we believe in who we're Doing it with and the way we're doing it And so we're accountable for the results It's a long season there's a lot of Football left uh starting Thursday night What's the explanation you got on the Roughness penalty on Xavier they talked about launching you Know and thought that he hit him in the Head and neck and if he did hit him in The head and neck it's a penalty you Know I I don't know I'd have to see the Tape if it's launching you know Launching isn't a penalty launching and Hitting in the neck area head or neck Area is a penalty launching and hitting In the body is not a penalty so I don't Know I didn't see the replay um you know But you know what what I was told was That he launched and he hit him in the Head and neck area and if in fact that's What it was then that's a penalty if he Launched and hit him in the body then You know then that's one that they got Wrong but it Frank just go back to your Answer before this you said you want to

Get somewhere you're working towards it At this point what's the identity of This offense through eight games and What do you want it to be we want to be Able to run the ball we want to be able To run the ball um with our Three core Runs run our play action off our play Action stuff off that our movement stuff Listen I'm not going to sit up here and Give a seminar on that's a fair question Mike but I'm not going to sit up here And give a seminar on how we Define what Our identity is obviously we're Struggling to find our identity there's No question about that but it does start With running the football we and I Thought you know we showed flashes of That tonight but then we got to be able We got to be a when you can run the ball You need to be able to get some play Action shots down the field and get some Chunk plays we're not getting that right Now okay and then you know we have some Things in our identity as far as who we Are in the red zone that I don't want to Talk about for Competitive Edge reasons And how we approach the Red Zone and Then on third in situational football You know we need to be able to be a team That spreads the ball around and does Some you know unique matchup things Again that I don't want to go into Details about um that when you start Defining how your identity is that's the

Way we talk about it internally thank You coach yeah than

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