Frank Reich post game press conference

The Panthers coach talked about being resilient.

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Okay just open up with the injury uh Report uh Bole had the knee so we'll Have to get him evaluated and go from There all right uh difficult loss um you Know give the Cowboys credit um they Played well they're a good football team I did think you know for three quarters You know we hung in there in the third Quarter we went down and had that long Drive and scored and got it to a one- Score game and uh you know felt like in Spite of the fact that we had you know a Few mistakes along the road um um you Know the game was well within grasp There when we got it to 17 to 10 um but We weren't able to hang in from there And and then it got out of control Obviously with the turnovers so I'll Open it up from there Frank at what Point do you guys feel like it's not About hanging hanging in there but it's About putting up points because Obviously you know you did get a Different flow of plays but you guys wer Put board no doubt I mean this game is Right I mean you're exactly right it's Always about points um we know that That's the test for us as an offense um That's a very good defense you know we Knew coming in statistically and every Way shape and form um that's a very Talented defense I thought we ran the Ball and dominated up front that showed A lot of good stuff against a very good

Team Um I we we dominated at the line of Scrimmage in the first half there's just No two ways about it that's what we did Um that's on tape um but what we didn't Do was we didn't score points so um you Know we got to be able we got to be able To convert when we're running at six Yards a carry and our o line is blocking Up front on the run as well as we're Blocking those those things got to get Converted into Touchdowns that was also something you Discussed is being able to play at you Know run first and set up play action um You guys only completed five to 10 Passes in the first half so with that Domination theen is where do you think It went wrong from a passing St point we We had problem we had problems Protecting you know I mean we had Problems protecting in the first half Really the whole game um so they're very Talented uh pass rushers we knew that Going in that you know I mean obviously Uh you know michah Parsons is a special Player but he's not the only uh good Pass rusher they have so uh we knew they Were loaded up front we knew it was Going to be a challenge um when you we Thought the formula was run the football You know run the football Um sustain drives shorten the game like That be able to throw some play action

Take a few shots here and there um but We just weren't able to when we weren't When we stalled running it you know on a Few key third downs and then in the Red Zone we weren't able to make the plays In the pass game that we needed what you See the pick Six you know I I got to go back and look At the tape but guy makes a great play You know I mean it seemed like uh the Ball you know we had to we got flushed In the pocket so it wasn't the release Pattern with the two receivers wasn't Got you know there was a little bit of a Misc not by them but a Defender kind of Got in the way and kind of blew it up a Little bit so uh you know mingo's coming Over and you know coming up field a Little bit the guy just undercuts him And and makes a good play you mentioned The protection that's been a recurring Theme this season did did this Organization misjudge just the effess of This Line no I think you know I think that From a pass protection standpoint um you Know we just have to keep working you Know we just you know this this Particular defense is as good of a pass Rush team as there is in the NFL I mean That's just that's just what they are so I give them credit um I thought we would Protect better I thought we had a good Protection P plan you know to try to

Double Parsons when we could you know There's going to be some fiveman Protection stuff that gets you know Where the throw gets out quick Um so we had a variety of things in the Protection scheme up but we just weren't Able to execute yards and penalties a Couple of those Ur on crucial third down What happened was that just it was Brutal I mean it was brutal you know we Got a chance at the end of the first Half I mean our defense has been playing Great so you know I can't say too much About that but you know we get the score We kick you know we get a penalty on the Kickoff we kick it out of bounds you Know so they're starting at the 40 and Then we got two third and Longs and we Extend drives that turns that three Points into seven so we're giving them Four Points there but then we're also Not only giving them Four Points we're We're losing an opportunity to have a Two-minute drive so who knows what we do On the two-minute Drive um you know that Was a bad sequence that was a really bad Sequence Frank sorry sorry about that Sorry right uh the the long touchdown Drive um you convert three fourth Downs I what what was working on that and how Frustrating is it that you can't kind of Sustain I think we stayed in Phase you Know mixed the run and pass you know Bryce was sharp you know I really have a

Lot of confidence and Trust in Bryce When we get in those fourth down Situations to make good decisions and Put the ball where he needs to put it um So you know that's really a credit to Him Um you know and it was it was good ex You know good execution a long sustained Dri Frank Understand that's a good defense but Only 187 Toal how did you feel about what plays You called today And what does that say about this Offense in general you just guys can't Score um you know we got to be better Got to coach better got to play better So that starts with me um you know as The head coach that's a play caller um Got to be better R is there a element to Complimentary football you feel feel Missing with this team when you talk About obviously you can't cook that up It's not something that happens Overnight you got to grow that but you See this team obviously throughout the Season have good moments offensively Like Bryce's drive and then defensively I know they're not happy with what Happened on the next Drive how much do You talk about that during the week and How would you assess that right now no I Mean I I you know I often talk about you

Know that a football game is like a Boxing M you like an old school boxing Match and you know you got to be able to You know in fight connect in a lot of Different ways jab and move you got to Be able to have combinations that can Knock a team out and so like to me That's exactly what you're talking about Those combinations are all three phases Working together Bam Bam Bam you know Good drive then a three and out or a Turnover then a good play on special Teams um you know we've had good moments Obviously we've had a lot of good Moments on defense um we've had flashes On offense and we've been really good on I think we've been pretty good on Special teams besides too many penalties Um But you know we just need to put it all Together as a team more often Frank Understanding that you this your first Year here but I mean it's a six straight Losing Seasons now and I mean you saw The crowd and how many Cowboy fans and Panthers fans gave up their tickets I Know you wanted to turn things around Here right away but how frustrating is This to to not be able to do that right Now no it's very frustrating um you know When you work hard and you believe in The guys you're doing it with and I I Believe in our coach and players um you Know not getting the results you want is

Frustrating so I'm frustrated most of All for them but I'm certainly Frustrated for the fans as well you know I've been in this game a long time I've Had a great appreciation for fan bases Wherever I've been and what that means To a team and what that means to a city So I I understand the level of Frustration you know by the fans and uh You know I mean I you know we had the Change here that we had and you know It's you set things you start to set Things in place to make a change and uh You want it to happen overnight Sometimes it takes longer than you want Um but you have to keep your head down U Be strong willed um keep the vision Clear and come to work every day and You've got to be able to fight your way Through the tough times Frank with with The protection issues and some of the Penalties and and even some of the Playmakers stuff and play calling Changing how hard has it been to get an Eal on Bryce through these 10 games just In general just from a quarterback Standpoint um you know I listen I Obviously watch him closely and I'm very Encouraged and optimistic about a lot of Things and who he is and the player he Is and he can make every throw how he Processes it um you know how he's Handling you know how he's handling a Difficult season so far you know um I

Really respect the way he's handling Himself and you know fighting through it So so um you know physically I I see him You know every day you know working hard Getting better um you know understanding What we're doing why we're doing it Being engaged in the process you know Him being engaged in the process more And more um he's great to work with I Love going I love sitting in those Meetings with him uh you know we as a Group uh trying to figure out ways to Get better make this offense better with The way you mean you said you respect How he's handling it being a Young Quarterback do you have any concerns About whether the losing will get to him Mentally and and even the hits that he Takes I don't um because of who he is as A person you know I mean I just think That's one thing that was clear in the Draft process that uh that his mental Toughness and character um to me is Unquestioned it's un you know not that Uh nobody's perfect right I mean we all Have weaknesses we all struggle at times Mentally you know we all of us do right Even the most confident guys the best Players in the world everybody does and I'm sure Bryce has his struggles but um I also believe that he's got a an inner Strength that has helped him get to Where he's gotten to even though we all Know he's won a lot of games in high

School and college um I think he's I Think he's made to handle stuff like This and I don't think he'll accept it And I think he'll he'll continue to Elevate his game and Elevate this team And it might just take you know it's Taken longer than we all wanted it to um But it's I can tell you it's not on his Shoulders we all have a part of it right Every person has a part of it player and Coach and so we we handle it Collectively all right coach last Question is there a concern about you Know not just his mental toughness but Um his health overall with him being Sacked this many times this season and Keeping in out F yeah know it's a good Question I think it's actually um the Contrary to that you know one of the Questions about Bryce coming in was you Know with his size and weighing under 200 lb and being 510 could he take it And I think he's answered that question Uh week in and week out um he physically Is at one tough D um never wants to come Out can take hits um you know I think That's a credit to his physical Toughness and his tenacity Um yeah that's been you know week in and Week out he doesn't Flinch you speak to the

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