Is Dave Canales The Right Coach For Bryce Young? #CarolinaPanthers

Charlotte Observer #Panthers beat reporter Mike Kaye weighs in on the team’s hiring of Dave Canales and whether or not he’s a good fit for the development of Bryce Young.

Everybody I've talked to says that he's A very genuine guy a guy that you want To play for that's really good for Bryce Young I think that's really what you Know a head coaching hire can't just be All about the quarterback for it to be Successful but I think this shows that They are doubling down on Bryce young They want to make sure that they have a Guy who can bring energy be accountable Be Compassionate and really reach this Quarterback who is very cerebral who Keeps very He he internalizes a lot you can see Right and so I think that that's Important there good complimentary Pieces there at the top just as you Mentioned earlier in the podcast just Because you haven't heard of this guy or You're not familiar with him doesn't Make him a bad higher and so I think we Do need to kind of wait and see on this On this whole Situation

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