James Bouknight is cleared to play. Will he get some run for the Charlotte Hornets?

James Bouknight is cleared to return to basketball activity after undergoing surgery in early October. Will he get some run during Terry Rozier’s absence? The guys move to a conversation about the Hornets struggling to matchup with smaller lineups and if they can do anything about it in the short term.

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We have an injury update on James book Night how soon could he be back and how Does Steve Clifford manage the long-term And shortterm goals when it comes to Going small in the NBA we'll talk about All that today on locked on Hornets you Are locked on Hornets your daily Charlotte Hornets podcast part of the Locked on podcast Network your team Every day in a minute cuz we Laugh it's lockon Hornet part of the Lock on podcast Network it's your team Every day thanks for making us your First listen we are free and available Anywhere you get your podcast and that Includes YouTube this episode is brought To you by prize piics the easiest and Most exciting way to play daily fantasy Sports go to prize.com lockon NBA and Use code all lowercase lockon NBA for a First uh deposit match up to $100 there's Doug Branson if you watch Him on on YouTube you can find him on His substack every Hornets boox Score.com I'm Walker mail listen to me WFNZ every weekday from 12 to Three Doug did you get robbed man the The background looking a little slight Man what are you what are you talking About so for for the audible medium his Background is showing zero hats on the Hat rack no posters no jerseys no sha Serrano listen to our show one time sign Whoever robbed him only left the hat

Rack and the basketball goal in the Background there the Only uh no I was not robbed uh this bet The buzz man I mean we keep losing I Mean bet the you gotta bet the buzz we Sing it with tears now and David does Too because you uh not not you I guess We we have to be very clear it was the Duffel of Doom that allowed David to Lose all of his Mone yeah so the choices The choices were you know take money From charity or sell all my stuff and You know it it I thought a lot about it It was a hard decision but I decided to Leave the money to charity and to sell All my stuff you know the I thought the Big dub hat would bring back more uh and I I even told the person this is lightly Used remember that it it it was frequent Two years ago last year I mean you Probably wore that like three times that Was a bit we didn't expect oh wait they Actually have to get big dubs in order For us to use it every once in a while And that has not really happen I mean Could we yeah I mean they already lost To Dallas it would have been tough to Wear it after the Indiana game I mean Yeah Atlanta maybe in the opener I don't Know it would have been tough to wear But we're we're going to turn things Around bet the buzz we're going to turn Things around uh we've had a tough we've Had a couple of bad beats I mean you

Look at it how we've done this and I and I think we've bet on the Hornets when it Made sense to bet on the Hornets uh the Hornets just have not obliged but we are Going to turn things around I promise You I don't know about David David lost You got that he got that LEF France ball LEF France however you want to say it U But it it cost him all his money so we Certain things around we need rod and we Need Chad GPT those are the only people And non- people that have been able to Win at bet the buzz all joking aside uh The reason my uh my background is a Little bit more Barren is because I am Moving Uh starting next week I will be in a new Location for the show getting some Office space uh in Nashville giving Producer Katie her own office space here At home so exciting times for for pot About it Productions and for the lock on Hornets podcast we're gonna have our Yeah and I don't think I promised this On the show I did to Doug afterwards but Because we're having construction going On on the house I thought I would have To move because you can hear it so much Outside I thought I would have to go Back in front of the fish tank In front of the big fish tank now I Think we got to see it for like a couple Of episodes when it was first put up so It's looking different it's looking

Great I'm excited to go with all the Fish puns shark Williams Gobi Zeller I'm Ready for all of it l I'm ready fish Smith I mean it's just so easy right It's right there it's right there fish Smith I'm ready for all of it so we'll See if that actually happens if I set up Try to get away from the construction Noise we'll see how it all happens let's Get into some Charlotte Hornets news James book Knight News actually Doug Charlotte Hornet's PR staff tweeted out Yesterday that James book Knight Underwent surgery on October 11th on his Left knee following his four-week Re-evaluation he's been cleared to Return to team activity and further Updates on return to play status will be Provided as appropriate He's listed as Out though at Washington tonight so Won't play tonight but is cleared for Activity and we kind of got an inkling Of this Doug it wasn't reported but we Saw James book Knight I believe in shoot Around and there wasn't any update on What book Knight was allowed to do what He wasn't allowed to do we just saw him We visibly saw him there shooting and Starting to be involved in basketball Activities what does this mean for James Book Knight what does it mean for the Charlotte Hornets well as we know seeing Anyone shoot uh around doesn't mean Anything in terms of practice because

We've seen Cody Martin do it a few times And his status is still very much um in Question for the remainder of the Season Uh but this is uh good news for book Knight uh really I mean the timing Couldn't be more perfect Walker because Rose I know he's out on Friday but I I Don't think Rosier is going to be back For another couple of games so if you Know if if Bight is day-to-day and he Can come back sometime next week Rosier Will be out they've tried Bryce McGowen And ismith that hasn't been able to Produce enough offense Off the Bench to Even beat the Washington Wizards so I Mean I wouldn't be surprised at this Point if Clifford decides to give book Knight an opportunity hey go handle the Ball let's see what improvements you Made over the summer it can't get any Worse book Knight's got an opportunity To show something I've watched the Carolina Panthers too much to say it Can't get any worse so I'm not going to Delve in that territory what I will say Is you're right it is the perfect Situation for James book Knight coming Back because they are depleted in the Back court and I'm not getting any uh Notion that Terry roier is going to play In the next couple of games they said at Least out for two games but we'll see if Terry roier comes back after the next uh I guess he's gonna miss one right he

They said he was going to be out Washington's the first one he'll miss This other game against Washington and Then we'll see how soon he can come back But it is the best thing for book Knight At least with the way that the roster is Constructed Now and you're right Doug they need Scoring and that is the idea of what James book Knight can do the the idea of Book Knight when when you draft him is That he can get to the rack he was good At scoring at The Rim in college that Was the thing that was his Saving Grace Man this guy can get to the cup and then He can finish once he's there the Three-point shooting was a little spotty Mid-range wasn't really there either but He can get to the cup that has not Necessarily worked out in the NBA but Has he learned enough over the off Season it was a rough summer league but I mean the guy I think he's gonna get Another chance I think so Doug it's it's Not a foregone conclusion but if he's Not going to get it in this situation Where they are so depleted in the bad Court then it's done for book Knight Like officially officially done for book Knight if he doesn't get a chance now Well I hope he does because you know They decline the option so you feel like Whatever version of book Knight you're Going to get you're going to get a

Version of book Knight that is playing For his NBA career and I think that Could only benefit the Hornets and Benefit book Knight if he can play well So uh yeah I I think they should give Him an opportunity because it would it Would offer some of these bench units a Little bit more offensive dynamism I Mean the Hornets lost that Wizards game In the second quarter and they got Outscored in that second quarter 41- 17 Now I don't know that book Knight's Really going to do anything to prevent The Washington Wizards from scoring 41 Points but I'm pretty sure he could help The Hornets score more than 17 in a Quarter right I mean you know They they are struggling to keep these Good offensive teams from scoring 40 in A quarter but if they can score along With them I mean that's how they won Games two years ago that they didn't They weren't like the best defensive Team they just outscored everyone and so Uh you know I think book Knight if he Has improved his defense just a little Bit over the off season should note that That he actually had an offseason right I mean this injury that he got to the Knee happened after he did put the work In over the summer so let's just see What that work uh means for his game was It defense was it ball handling I mean The Hornets need a little bit of

Everything on the offensive end at this Point I just don't see why it would hurt Um to throw book Knight out there and See what you get totally agree this Could be the time all right let's talk a Little bit more about this game against Washington in the future coming up next On the lockdown Hornets Podcast don't go to sleep on the Hornets Just yet how does Steve Clifford balance long-term Solutions and Short-term Solutions winning once you Get to the playoffs but also getting to The playoffs we'll talk about that as it Pertains to the Charlotte Hornet going Small and getting killed by five out Lineups we'll get to that in a moment Not before we talk about Jace medical This episode is brought to you by Jace Medical and we spent a lot of time Talking together you and I Doug and I The listeners we all spend a lot of time Talking together we get fired up Together on wins and losses who starts Who sits I'm thankful for that Connection we have and today I want our Chat to be a little bit more personal I Just learned that you can get a one-year Supply on Ed medications and you realize What that means you can bring it on Extended travel you can bring the Medication on the next natural disaster Or supply chain issue you're covered you Don't have to worry about whether or not

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Cool background I just missed the Sha Serrano sign and the Jamal Mashburn Jersey staring right back at me well I'm Sorry you know some of us aren't as Fortunate to be able to add a seventh Bathroom you know to their palace their Palatial estat so excuse me excuse me For doing what I can to to to pay pay Our bet the Bus death you gotta bet the Bus I'm not giving up my fish tank I'm Not doing it I refuse so I hope you have More jerseys to give away cuz I Absolutely refuse to give up the fish Tank let's discuss the Charlotte Hornets And how they get to shooting better Doug Seems like you've been ask that quite a Bit on your subtext conversations you've Been having with listeners hey they're Not shooting well how do we start Shooting well and it's funny because the Simple answer is well just got to knock Down buckets I I don't know what to tell You but are there any other ways they Can that they can shoot better Doug like What what can Steve Clifford do what can This team do to see the ball go in the Hoop a little bit more from Deep yeah it seems like they're waiting On Miles Bridge's return to solve a lot Of problems but I don't know that it Would necessarily solve the shooting Problem because miles wasn't shooting a Great outside ball you know a year year And a half ago whenever the last time he

Played was so I'm not sure that that Immediately solves your outside shooting Issues the Hornets seem to be shifting Strategies a little bit to deal with it In in terms of like not taking Three-point shots they're moving more of Their offense both at the rim and then You know getting plays for Gordon Hayward and PJ Washington to hit stuff In the short mid so I mean that's that's A tact that they've taken it didn't work Against Washington I don't know what you Do because you're not going to turn ish Or Bryce or Thor and a knock down Three-point shooters that you you know You made those decisions in the off Season that that's sort of that's set in Stone now you could explore some guys That are sitting out there right now I Mean Danny Green a lot of people have Been clamoring to bring Green in uh for For an opportunity but then you got a Clear a roster spot and we just talked About book Knight being almost ready to Return um so do you go out and spend Money on a Danny Green or do you say Well let's see what we got in book Knight first I think the the Hornets are Going to see what they have in book Knight for sure before they go out and Explore any other options so I don't Know I mean trade for a shooter but I Mean do you what do you give up and if You can't even beat the Washington

Wizards are you going to give up a lot Of stuff to go out and find a shooter That seems like something that a a team That was on the verge of competing would Do not a team that um you know seems to Be on the precipice of of being in the Bottom three again well yeah and it it's Really going to hurt when Terry roier Isn't out there but he's not been Shooting the ball well from three-point Range Gordon was before this game PJ Washington had a bad three-point game Going 0 of five but he was at 40% still Like little up and down PJ's Inconsistencies have only been about Shooting from deep it has not been Overall except for this game against Washington where we didn't see him Shooting as much but the three ball has Not been there consistently for PJ even Though overall it it had been if you Look at the percentages and yet the Volume's not as up from deep I don't Think from PJ Doug like we we saw him Shoot five this game we saw him three a Couple ago lamelo ball I mean he's Finally got his shot coming around after The fourth quarter in Dallas and this Game against Washington is it just a Matter of hey we we do have four of the Five starters went all healthy they're Guys that I feel comfortable enough Watching shoot the basketball or is There a real problem that you think is

Going to continue as the season goes on Well I think you have to look at shot Selection as well there's a balance that That every coach has to strike between You know when when we're installing the Offense how much of that offense is Going to be set plays and how much of That offense is going to be dependent on Your point guard to sort of decide all Right this is going to be a quick Transition play or this is going to be Something where we settle down and get Into something that we've that we've Practiced before and I think Clifford Tends to be even if you go back to the Kimo Walker Days Clifford tends to be The kind of coach that is more about Relying on that point guard to set the Tone of of how the offense is going to Be run and there's going to be some set Plays out of timeouts and out of you Know out of the Baseline out of the Sideline but not a ton of set plays run Otherwise and so then it is up to lamelo Ball to say all right I'm I'm going to Get a good shot here and it's up to the Rest of the players as well to move on Offense I mean I think that's something That a lot of smart basketball people Who pay attention to the Hornets have Pointed out online is I mean there's a Lot of like just run a high pick and Roll and everybody else stand in the Corner there's just not a lot of

Movement this is not a this is not the Peak Golden State Warriors it's it's Pretty much the opposite of that so you Know they they've got some things to Work out on offense I don't think it's As simple as saying well guys just Aren't knocking down shots there is a Little bit of that because I the Percentages on their wide open shots not Very good you know it's it's not all Teams just throwing uh you know defenses At the Hornets that the Hornets can't Handle and are getting run off the line No they're missing open shots but They're also taking bad shots and There's also not a lot of movement it is A multi-level problem when you shoot the Basketball this Poorly so how much would going small Help them out so because it how much Would it would help just putting one More shooter on the floor Doug so Mark Williams comes out despite Steve Clifford's reluctance to do so I mean It's not even like Mark Williams played A ton of minutes in this game against Washington but he played enough to Provide an impact and maybe even Negative impact if you view the Defensive rotations as a problem of Going big while Washington goes small so If you put PJ Washington at Center and Then you have your starting power Forward your starting front Court looks

Like Brandon Miller Gordon Hayward PJ Washington and then you have back court Is Terry roier lamelo defensively Rebounding yeah you might just get Cooked that's going to have to be a Collective effort especially rebounding With that not being PJ strength Brandon's good at it but Gordon and Brandon those are your your guys Crashing Down Low you're thinking the Centers are going to be able to hurt you Unless you're able to hurt the Opposition on the offensive end you know PJ played 550 54% of his minutes two Years ago at Center according to Cleaning the glass MH and I thought That's when the Hornets played some of Their better basketball that was what The 43 win season that they had a couple Of years back and then they go down Because of all the injuries and that's Steve Clifford you know coming in so is That an answer to Steve Clifford's Comments about us getting killed going When teams go five out even if they want To kind of go through these trials and Tribulations with Mark Williams at the Five trying to pun like you put it well Before we started recording it feels Like Steve Clifford is trying to figure Out long-term solution compared to Short-term solution and which one Matters more right now yeah I mean the Long-term solution is that you have a

Center that can both defend the rim and Allow you to deal with some of these Five out lineups for some period of time Before you do eventually have to go Small I mean I think Clifford views that As like that's how we ultimately win in The playoffs and so let's try to figure That that out you know at the beginning Of the regular season and improve over Time the problem is it's costing them Games that they should absolutely be Able to win against teams like the Brooklyn Nets who were who are a better Team on paper but were missing their Starting center and starting power Forward that's a game you should have Won against Washington absolutely a game You should have won against one of the Worst teams in the NBA and I will I will Point out several comments that I got on Subtext and on every Hornet box score And on the YouTube was like okay if you Keep getting beat by the worst teams in The NBA that just means you're the worst Team in the NBA I know I know a fair I Went I went on an epic rant on WFNZ Yesterday like we do this thing going to The foul line when you're just ready you You have the technical foul you're going To the foul line and I I kept saying to The Wizards right I kept integrating That back into the the rant and then It's like wait but people are saying This it's the Hornets it's the horn they

They feel the same way there needs to be Some self-awareness and I recognize that Right and but and we we also have to Recognize this that when you point out The stats two seasons ago and PJ Washington at Center and what that was Able to do for that particular team we We know one thing about Clifford and It's that he does the research like he Know I mean he's he's looked into this And and I'm sure if you look back at Those lineups that had PJ at five they Had miles Bridges at four you know I Mean I think that's making the point for Clifford which is essentially like you Know hey I can't look yeah maybe it Would help guard Danilo galinari up top Maybe there would be one or two less Three-pointers at the beginning of that Second quarter but if we left PJ at Center for the entire second and third Quarter I mean the Wizards already beat Them in offensive rebounding in that Game they were getting crushed on the Offensive boards in that game Second Chance points go through the roof and Then uh you can't defend at The Rim Anymore so guards are just going to Penetrate it's not going to be Danilo Galinari going to kill you it's going to Be shamut D dunking even more than he Did In the game to begin with so the Problems compound and so I I sympathize

With what Clifford is looking at and all I'm saying Is is there value in giving it a shot in Making the quick adjustment and saying All right we're going to shut danillo Down for a few minutes and then and then Putting Mark or Nick back into the game I I just think there's a an Unwillingness to to make some of these Adjustments even for a few minutes to Try to neutralize what the other team is Doing I feel like other teams are Playing chess and we're playing Checkers and and trying to play Long-term chess well and and back to Your point before we move on to the last Segment defensively for sure I mean here You are mentioning miles Bridges was the Four in those lineups you're absolutely Right about that and you might get beat At The Rim where the guards are not Afraid anymore because they're afraid of Mark Williams blocking their shot when He's there now when they stretch him out There's room to operate and we've seen That in the small lineups but but when He's there they think twice about it They don't as much with PJ this is where PJ Washington's shot blocking comes into Effect though we've discussed quite a Bit about his block percentage how good He's been at his size when he's down There at small ball Center and so that Would help but Doug this year if you'll

Notice PJ's doing a lot of the hands up Thing it doesn't seem like he had a nice I think transition block that was Awesome they got the offensive rebound And and put it back up he's doing a yes Put I to go I to go the full shot let's Get a shot of those pits see those pits Goodness gracious yeah he's going Straight up right and he's not fouling And you have to wonder if that's coached Because if PJ Washington fouls then Where the hell else are we going to go Defensively outside of Brandon Miller Who's also getting in some foul trouble As a rookie it's understood but it Doesn't seem like he's challenging as Much not being as aggressive and it goes Back to what my dad told me when I was Playing basketball and it was all about Talking about it was we were discussing Defense it was like all right if your Coach tells you hey don't pick up the Foul just go straight up and play good Solid found defense you say Okay coach And then you continue to go after the Block and play aggressively because That's how winning defensive plays are Made I understand both I think PJ Kyle Kosma hit some tough shots man and like A lot of them he he was really good Against PJ but PJ did the arms up thing And I I don't know what else you do on Some of those kozma shots but do you Feel like he's not challenging as much

As maybe he used to part because Mark is In there that that's a big difference But also because he seems to be playing Straight up defense I I think there's Some of that I think uh you touched on It which is that he's so vital to the Offense right now they they need his Two-point scoring because the Three-point shooting isn't there that I'm sure it's like hey PJ if you get Into foul trouble we are absolutely Bleeped so please don't get into foul Trouble and uh PJ Rec izes that I think And is acting accordingly but yeah I Mean PJ was a guy in years past that They could depend on to go out there and Defend Giannis an Tumo and get physical With him to defend Jimmy Butler it's not As if that is not in PJ's wheelhouse so To to not see it is something that Stands out and I think you you the Question you go is like why is that Happening I don't think it's because PJ Is not trying I think I think there is Some element of him being told um to do That but back to the Clifford thing Really quickly I think it's surprising That we're not seeing the short-term Thinking from Clifford because it's not As if he's on you know a five-year deal Right I mean this is for for both Mitch Cback and Clifford it's it's pretty Obvious that this is a one-year trial Let's see how everything works and the

New ownership group is going to evaluate All of that and make decisions and So I honestly I think you whether you Agree or disagree with Steve Clifford You kind of have have to respect the the Fact that he's like look I got Principles I've got these things I know Win in the playoffs and I'm going to do Them regardless of whether it cost me my Job or not I'm just going to do them Because I think they're right he cannot He cannot be moved off of his post the The problem with that is you know they Lose by 20 to the Washington Wizards Because because he will not move Mark Williams off the poe that's what's going On and when you it is a man that stands On prin it's exactly what I was thinking Of man he stands on principles and I'm Telling you this is what he has been Commenting on constantly we need to be Ready once we get to the postseason so The problem with that is all of the Lessons that come with learning how to Play in the postseason means you don't Get to play in the postseason and that's The problem we'll see if he fixes It to keep going well ultimately the Problem is and this has been the problem For Steve Clifford's entire tenure as Head coach both ten years as head coach Of the Charlotte Hornets he comes from Teams and backgrounds that had Star-level Talent across the board teams

That you go yeah this team's going to Make the play they could they could fall Asleep for half the season and make the Playoffs so what our challenge is is to Get this roster ready to go win a Championship and I think he's taken all Of that with him to Charlotte and twice Now he has not been given the Ingredients by the front office two Different front office Have not given him the ingredients to Actually go and execute and he has been Unwilling or unable to adjust to that Fact that idea all right I want to talk A little bit more about this I also want To get to Nick Smith Jr coming up next On the lockdown Hornets podcast don't go To sleep on the Hornets just yet how Much are the past experiences of the Charlotte Hornets also you know uh Hindering what Steve Clifford might do Or affecting what Clifford might do We'll get to that in a moment and Discuss Nick Smith Junior's five minutes That he got in garbage time good minutes Oh yeah baby Nick Smith Jr I Want More We'll talk about it in just a moment Let's get to uh prize picks though this Episode is brought to you by prize pick It's the largest daily fantasy sports Platform in North America it's the Easiest and most exciting way to play Daily fantasy sports it's just you Against the numbers instead of battling

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Player who exits the game in the first Half and does not return in the second That player is rebooted prize pick is The only daily fantasy sports platform With an injury insurance policy awesome Stuff from prize picks so go to prize Picks.com and use promo code locked on NBA for a first deposit match up to $100 Again go to prize.com lockon NBA and Then use code locked on NBA for a first Deposit match up to $100 one more Segment to go locked on One Doug I wanted to end that Conversation we were having in in the Second segment because here here's Steve Clifford you're so right it he has been On quite a few teams in the regular Season that were going to get to the Postseason and even you know to Steve Clifford's credit the Hornets got there In 20156 it's a while ago now like I Mean we need to see it more but he got There in 20156 we see it with the Orlando Magic We saw him do it again with the magic in His second stint with the franchise the Guy can can game plan for a series like He knows the other team's weakness he Knows once you get there it's it's funny Because once he passes that threshold He's a scary coach I mean the fact that You got a game on the Toronto Raptor Champion with d Augustine as your point Guard that's impressive you know going

Against Wayne Wade with the Charlotte Hornets team going to a seven game Series that's impressive it's the Regular season stuff where he is so Ingrained in the rhythm of the guys Rolling with what rotation he wants to Go with and allowing them to figure it Out and standing by the defensive Principles that matter a ton in the Postseason because for so long if you Look at defensive statistics teams that Are strong defensively those are the Teams that get there further in the Postseason more often than not he knows All of that What I wonder is bgo got his team to the Playin tournament a couple times and Then they got destroyed Twice and so is Steve Clifford one of Those guys that does not want that to Happen and he's willing to not even get To the play I know this is not exactly How he's thinking about it but in his Mind maybe it's like hey if we're going To get to the playin and just get Bounced by 30 then I don't want to get There like I it's not what he would Explicitly say but I wonder if that's Just yeah I just no I don't want to get To the play if we're going to get Bounced by 30 if we're not going to be Ready to do it then how much good can be Squeezed out of this because so far Doug You can make the argument that it's been

More pain that has been squeezed out of It getting the play in and then getting Bounced by 30 I don't want another one Of those I I don't I don't want that to Happen again and so I I wonder how much The previous experiences the last two Years under bgo which got him fired the Play results got bgo fired how much has That affected Steve Clifford already Also being the guy who he is that I Think that's a conversation that's Interesting to me with his makeup oh for Sure I mean I think both coach and front Office has operated with this idea of Building sustainable success that There's no point in getting to the Playoffs if you can't a win in the Playoffs and B you know actually get Back there the next year there's no Point in in doing what they did in 20156 Which is they built a team that got to The playoffs and and you know Steve Clifford did a lot of great scouting in That series uh if you remember like Those first two games were ugly Miami Eric spola had the Hornets number they Shut Kimo Walker down and Clifford was Able to make some adjustments including With Big Al Jefferson that allowed them To get back into that series he just Couldn't he couldn't game plan against Purple shirt guy and he couldn't game Plan against Dwayne Wade hitting threes Like uh you know he was Steph Curry all

Of a sudden so couldn't game plan Against that but they don't want to get There but the problem of course is what Talking about is like it's a chicken or The egg issue you know if if in the Process of building sustainable success You can't even have you can't even start Being successful then then you failed And that that's where I think the Problem is look Clifford's teams Traditionally they start poor and they Make like big like all the playoffs Teams including if you go back to the Bobcats team you look at the records you Go wow through January this team looked Dead in the water and then all of a Sudden the improvements that Clifford Was trying to to install you know in Those Dog Days of winter suddenly Started to spring forward as they got Late into the season and then they get Into the playoffs So This Is Not Unusual It's just the difference here is that Clifford's not on year one of four he's On year he's this is it you know this is His opportunity and I just don't think It's working yeah remember we we found During the offseason that the year they Went to the playoffs and they struggled PJ Washington started like or PJ harston Excuse me started like 40 games their Playoff year and we were shocked by that That is not something that we remembered So yeah interesting facts that we found

Out this past off season and here's an Idea for the new owners if if if Rich if Uh you know Gabe Plotkin and and Rich Schn Rick schn Rick Rick Rich SCH uh if They're Listening if they're listening to this Person who has a blank wall because he's He's sold all of his gear to pay off bet The buzz debts if they listening here's What I would suggest a little bit of Creativity all around a a front office a General manager that is creative and Uses all the tools necessary to go out And and build a winning roster that can Win now and then you worry about how to Win later later quit trying to play 4D Chess when you can't even win a game of Checkers right and then find a coach who Is willing to get a little bit creative With the tools that he has been given That's what I would suggest for the Future whether that future is uh you Know next season or the seon after Whatever their whatever the plans are For the new ownership group I would Suggest finding people that have a Creative big vision for this team and They go and try to execute it Immediately and and new owners give them The leeway the tools the money necessary To go and build that product do you Think Nick Smith Jr is one of those Tools after watching him in five minutes Of garbage time against the Wizards what

Do you make of his outing could be man He's smooth with it offensively that's My take on Nick Smith Jr smooth with it When he's got the ball in his hands and He's prepared to shoot I mean the the First bucket that he hit that little Mid-range off the spin move I mean like That's that's talent man I mean to get Open in the NBA like that right off the Jump like there's something there here's The Problem remember when he had that Transition pass opportunity and like had A guy o Way open I mean not an easy pass But he attempted it and it was Way off and it's it was a Carlon half Court shot yeah I mean it was what I've Been it's what I've been saying the Whole time with Nick Smith Jr he cannot Pass on an NBA level yet I think he will Be able to it's just the thing that he's Got to learn um you know and I think He's going to do most of that learning In Greensboro but I can be super excited About what Nick Smith Jr can become and Also be honest about what he is right Now well yeah and maybe not even Greensboro here we are talking about the Opportunity for James book Knight here He is battling with Nick Smith Jr and James book Knight did not win that Battle in summer league Doug I this is Is is it going to change in the regular Season but both guys have opportunities

That the very very big difference is This is the first chance for Nick Smith Jr this is really the last one for James Book Knight and B book Knight's not an Elite passer but he's he's he's better Than Nick Smith Jr right now I mean There's just he's got more experience he Knows like oh that Defender is going to Move there at this point and I can't I Can't fit it through that window and he Just you know he's not again I'm not Saying that book Knight is like point Guard level passer but he's better than Nicks Smith Jr last Point here though Offensively I I think Nick Smith Jr has Shown you mid-range I mean he's Leaps And Bounds better than James book Knight I that's that's just not a part of book Knight's game and so as we've seen with Brandon Miller a little bit you can use The mid-range to buy you time to figure It out on the efficient spots on the Floor and Nick Smith Jr did that Immediately he did that in summer league And he even hit a three in this game a Deep one too and so and we know that Nick has that ability the small sample Size at Arkansas didn't really help him Out but book Knight shot the three quite A bit last year when he got that those Last you know few opportunities to get Some run um but yeah I mean if it we Know that book Knight has not been good At attacking in the NBA and that's what

You drafted him for so the mid range It's working for our rookies here Doug Yeah I think you lean into it at this Point you go out there and you find a Way to trade for Demar de rozan and he's Going to be available because the Bulls Are also they're you know they're Struggling too so you go out and you Find a way to get Demar de rozan you you Zig while everyone else is zagging you Say three-point Revolution bleep that We're going to shoot as many two-point Shots as possible be some mid-range Mavens go out and get Demar D rozan play Nick Smith Jr big minutes play Brandon Miller Big minutes no more threes it's All mid-range baby the dream of the 90s Is Alive in Charlotte And in the hive in the hive alive in the Hive almost in Charlotte that'd be sweet Too um in season tournament tonight Going to be a sweet court for Washington Charlotte Hornets inseason tournament The debut we'll see how they're going to Be able to play When the stakes are Turned up just a little bit more fresh Off a Beatdown by the very team they're Playing tonight thanks for making us Your first listen we're free and Available anywhere you get your pods Have a great weekend make sure you check Out Doug substack every Hornet boox Score.com you can listen me on WFNZ one More day before the weekend we'll be

Back with you on Monday as well 12: to 300 p.m. on Monday we'll recap what we See in the inseason tournament do they Answer some of the questions that we Have and because of the loss to Washington some of those questions that We had because of it so we'll figure it Out on Monday have a great weekend and Uh yeah we'll be back on the daily Podcast that is the lockdown podcast Network A

Living in Charlotte, North Carolina – Events, Life, Sports and Weather

Events, Life, Sports, Weather

Ask a local what it’s like to live in Charlotte and they’ll likely regale you with tales of four beautiful seasons, reasonable cost of living (though housing prices are increasing), gorgeous East Coast nature and a friendly small-town feel with a big-city skyline. They may also mention the city’s vibrant arts scene, a diverse job market and an abundance of fun things to do, from sampling different cuisines at Optimist hall in a converted textile mill to tuning into a chart-topping performer at the Epicenter.

Depending on the time of year, there’s often another event or festival taking place. During the basketball season, for instance, the city is a buzz with energy and people watching games. And when NASCAR Race Week rolls around mid-October, the city shuts down for wall-to-wall racing coverage.

On the work front, you’ll find some of the largest employers in the region, including Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Duke Health and Red Ventures. And with the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, the city is a hub for education and research.

But while there’s a lot to love about this bustling metro, you should be aware of some downsides to living here, such as high taxes and traffic-prone roads. First, the state income tax is flat, meaning that everyone pays the same rate regardless of how much they earn. And then there’s the traffic: While it has been improving in recent years, this sprawling metro is still notorious for heavy congestion at peak driving times.

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