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Charlotte North Carolina

Living in Charlotte North Carolina

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Charlotte is big enough to have some of the best things in town but small-town at heart. This is the kind of place that has a community feel to it and people really care about making it a great place to live. It’s the kind of city where people will wave to you on the street or stop you for an unexpected chat in a restaurant.

The local arts scene is also top-notch, and you’ll find everything from world-renowned museum shows to the intimate setting of the Charlotte Ballet. If you have kids there’s Discovery Place which is a STEM-focused, hands-on science center with activities for everyone. The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art is a must-visit for art lovers and features works by Warhol, Picasso, and other renowned artists.

Sports are a huge part of the city’s culture and Charlotte is home to teams at every level of professional American sports. The Carolina Panthers of the National Football League, the Charlotte Hornets and the Knights of the NBA, and NASCAR are all based here. There’s even a minor league baseball team, and the city hosts a variety of other events such as concerts and racing.

There’s a lot to love about living in Charlotte and it’s no wonder that the city keeps growing in popularity. It has a very affordable cost of living and boasts a thriving job market with companies like Duke Energy, Siemens Inc., and Bank of America calling the Queen City home.

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