Best Buddies x Charlotte FC

Learn about Mark Bodek, Charlotte FC’s Equipment Assistant, and how through Best Buddies and the David & Nicole Tepper Foundation, he has been able to find his dream job working for a professional sports team.

Best Buddies is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating integrated employment, leadership development and one-to-one friendship opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Champion of the Year Gala highlights the competitive fundraising efforts across the community that supports this work and recognizes the top fundraiser as the Champion of the Year.

Sure hi I am Mark bodak I am the Equipment assistant for Charlotte FC I get all the loops that are dirty Full close from the staff and the Academy players first thing Mark came to Me in January of this year looking for a Job he had had plenty of employment Before um and just wasn't happy or Satisfied with what he had found and Really wanted something that he felt Passionate about I worked with him to Figure out what do you want to be doing And found that Sports is a big passion Of his from an early age of Life working On a professional sports team was like a Dream come true for him and so we met With Joe and really started to figure Out what that could look like and Immediately identified that the Equipment team would be a great place For Mark to fit in I love the job it's The best job I've ever had so this is The same team when we first heard about The best putties program um back earlier This year we definitely were interested Um we've been blown away by Mark as an Employee really he's a jack of all Trades when it comes down to it he knows The way that we do things resetting the First team locker room but he also knows How we do things with the second team Mark was fresh new to the game didn't Know any better had no experience in This job in particular and he came in

And showed us that he could do the job He really has jumped in I have really Seen him grow in confidence and Belonging I think there's a great Culture here at Charlotte FC where he Has been welcomed um and people have Really taken the time to get to know him As a person and he from day one has felt Like a valuable member of his team yeah With Charlotte SCC you know we want to Be inclusive we want to be a great place To work you know through Best Buddies we We were able to find an individual in Mark that wanted to work in this Industry and just needed needed that Opportunity Nicole teer is heavily Involved I think her her passion for Best buddies and the other results the Impact that the organization can make is Was was really Important it's been so rewarding for us As human beings to have him a part of Our Lives as well gain a new member of Our department but it's been so Encouraging and and heartwarming to see Him pop into different areas and in a Way just connect with people what Mark Brings to us he's giving us a lot more Than than I believe that we're we're Giving him I like everybody I work with Everybody I work with has been really Help hopefully friendly and polite and Fun and entertaining and it's it's a Feel I felt very very welcome from day


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