Frank Reich gives final update before Titans game

Reich gave updates on Jaycee Horn’s progression and the offensive line.

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Okay we'll get started um first of all Just wanted to hope everybody had a Great Thanksgiving right I mean great Day yesterday with families in the Afternoon and hope everybody was able to Enjoy that um it's been a good week here Good week of prep uh all eyes on Tennessee um you know looking forward to You know going on the road against a Good football team a tough physical team Um well coached team and all three Phases um really a team that does a Great job you know with penalties Situational football in all areas so I'll be a good test Force open it up From There all right go ahead Joe hey Frank Happy Thanksgiving can you Hear me okay I can thanks Joe okay cool Um wondered what you decided uh with the Guard spots um do have a final decision Joe uh but just GNA kind of hold that For right now um but excited about how The guys competed this week and the plan That we have going forward um so we'll Just we'll just let that unfold and see It on Sunday and uh JC is is is there a Chance that that his window closes and You know he we don't see him again this Year um you know I probably don't want To comment on that I think he's doing Well I don't think that's going to Happen Joe um you know obviously I'm not The ex you know we got to take it as it

Comes but he's been making good progress Feel good about where he's at um and Feel good about where he's at so we We'll continue to take it day by day Week by Week floor is open if anyone has Questions let's go to David you're on mute David sorry about Hey coach Happy Thanksgiving uh want to Ask you what your biggest concern is Heading in this Game our you know listen we're focused On execution in all three phases um Obviously particularly on offense um you Know really want to continue to you know Build off this success we had in running Game you know it's no secret we want to Run the ball but we want to be balanced Um we you know we want to be able to be Balanced you know we want to be able to Mix up tempos we want to be able to you Know try to keep teams off balance we Need to be more productive on offense we Know the challenge in front of us this Is a good defense we're playing they're Particularly good up front uh Statistically they've been very good Against the Run physical um you know mix Up their coverages well the skies well Um it'll be a good test for us but uh The challenge for us is is really Execution and produce at a higher level On offense thank You I just go to Mike sarte followed by

Jeff Hawkins good afternoon Frank can you Hear me okay yeah yes Mike Happy Thanksgiving to you coach um as you as You as you have looked at this this Matchup and and you kind of addressed it Earlier in the week but are you noticing Uh and I do have two are you noticing That your guys have had a little more I Don't know fire in the belly because You' talked about you know it's us Against the world and and that sort of Thing is that kind of shown itself in Practice this week There's No Doubt uh The resolve is there the determination Fire in the belly all all those things I Mean this is a highly motivated locker Room group um it's been a tough year so Far but there's still a lot of football Left we understand that comes one week At a time um you know we understand We're going up against a tough physical Team so um you know we need to come out There and compete uh we have to compete Hard on every play execute at a high Level um very motivated to get things Going in the right Direction and my my follow up on that uh In terms of Sunday have you do we have Injury designations on anyone perhaps Besides Hayden um yeah Hayden's out chin is out And gross MOS is Out

Henderson and Horn Henderson and Horn Are both Doubtful okay thank you coach you're Welcome go ahead Jeff hey coach uh uh Happy Happy Thanksgiving Happy Thanksgiving uh the Panthers haven't had A 100 yard rusher All Season uh two Capable backs uh will there be an added Emphasis uh you know take pressure off Bryce in the next few games No doubt uh that a good running game um Takes pressure off the quarterback in a Lot of different ways um you know our Vision is is to be balanced uh you know We want to be able to be physical be Dominant be able to mix things up um you Know mix up Personnel groups um to be Able to you know stay a step ahead to Create an edge for the offense in the Run game uh last week I thought we had Some good moments doing that we need to Continue to build off that that does Take you know pressure off the pass game Provides opportunities in play play Action for chunk plays slows down the Rush a little bit um so we we have to be Successful There uh Hubbert he still start yes Thank You all right let's go to Darren Gant And wrap it up with Kevin Tobert Frank uh you've had a lot of Different guys roll through that Secondary really all season uh with

Dante Jackson I mean what has he done to Kind of help help cover some of those Gaps in terms of things Beyond play and The communication that kind of stuff you Know he's been a consistent playmaker You know um been very good in coverage Uh you know very very good all around in The Run game he's had great crack uh Crack support um he's been a consistent Player uh you know a consistent winning Player over there you know really is Holding things down um you know have a Lot of trust and confidence in Dante and The way he's playing I think he brings a Confidence and a Swagger back there to The back end um so it's been he's been Very Good Frank you've had some uh increased Success with the uh tight ends uh of Late uh particularly in the Red Zone Will we start to see that show up more Uh mid drive as Well you know always looking to spread The ball around um you know we're always Looking to spread the ball around tight Ends you know have you know we're trying To get them involved in our offense They've always had pretty good Production over the years um so I I Think some of the the the lack of Production at tight end certainly not The players I feel great about that room It's just been an overall Underperformance of the offense where

Everybody's numbers and involvement are Going to be down so um you know excited About the opportunity to turn the tables On that um really am in All Phases so We'll take it one week at a time and um You know looking forward to you know Putting on a good showing in all three Phases on Sunday

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