Is This The Worst Season in #CarolinaPanthers History?

Scott Fowler ponders if the 2023 Carolina #Panthersa are the worst team in franchise history #NFL

Right now the Clon season which was 2010 uh to me still trumps it in terms Of a disaster in terms of offense that Team I looked it up the other day Because I was curious I was like how bad Was that really am I really remembering That correctly but they only they Averaged like 12.3 points a game and so They had a lot of games where they Scored three or seven the Clawson team Was you know that team actually did win Two games which is hard to Fathom but Get this stat on on Jimmy Clawson and That team he play he started pretty much The whole year he got his heard for a Few games but he threw three touchdown Passes the entire year nine picks three TDS in a whole year I mean Bryce young Has what like eight now that team was Worse um they were even less fun to Cover than this one but this one is Coming in tight on second place right Now

Charlotte North Carolina

Charlotte North Carolina – Attractions, Life, Sports, Weather, News

Events, Life, Sports, Weather, News

As the largest city in North Carolina, Charlotte offers an array of attractions that both visitors and residents can enjoy. Its iconic buildings such as the modern Bank of America Stadium and the awe-inspiring Spectrum Center are landmarks of Charlotte’s skyline. Other notable architectures are the neo-gothic City Hall and the regal Charlotte Convention Center.

Charlotte’s residents are a diverse group with various interests. The city’s cultural institutions include the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art and the Levine Museum of the New South that showcase different facets of the South. The city also has an extensive food scene with a number of restaurants, cafes, and breweries that are popular among locals.

The city’s outdoor activities are also well-loved by its residents. With over 35 miles of greenways, you can explore the area by hiking, biking, or jogging. The US Whitewater Center is a popular destination for those looking to go whitewater rafting and kayaking. Charlotte is also within a short driving distance to the beach and mountains, making it an ideal spot for nature enthusiasts.

When it comes to the weather, the climate in Charlotte is a humid subtropical one with four distinct seasons. The summertime is a great time for soaking up the sun and swimming, while the winters are mild. The peak of the hot season occurs during the months of June and July, when temperatures can get quite muggy. The coolest month of the year is January, when temperatures drop below freezing.

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