Time for Brandon Miller to start for the Charlotte Hornets?

David Walker makes his weekly appearance to discuss how well Brandon Miller has performed and question whether it’s time to start the rookie already. After his first start against Dallas, should we be asking if the Hornets are scarier without Terry? Finally, the guys “Bet the Buzz.”

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We dive into Brandon Miller's first Start of his NBA career and then discuss A little more about Terry rosier's Absence and how it affected the Hornets All today on locked on Hornets you are Locked on Hornets your daily Charlotte Hornets podcast part of the locked on Podcast Network your team every day in a Minute cuz we Live it's lockon Hornet it's part of the Lockon podcast Network it's your team Every day thanks for making us your First listen we are free and available Anywhere you get your podcast and that Includes YouTube there you can see not Only Doug Branson who's with me every Day on every Hornet spox score.com as Well as where you can check out his Substack you also see David Walker and This time it's just his Twitter handle My question is Doug ha is it time have We run out of sneaker nicknames or did We just forget to do anything with David's nickname no I didn't forget I'm Dealing with a little bit of allergies I Have a baby uh stomach was feeling a Little ick you know I'm not really Treating my body like a temple right now It's all the Halloween candy I've got so Much left over this is I live in a part Of Nashville that is a Halloween Hotpot And I ran out of candy too early last Year and there were a lot of little Disappointed kids walking by the house

Uh many of them cried and so I I vowed This year to have enough candy and I Went overboard and now I feel a Responsibility to eat all of the candy There is also another problem uh my it Looks like we've mixed the chocolate Candy and the fruit candy and if th if Those two things sit in a bowl together Even though they're wrapped this is Crazy to me I don't know how all of this Works I'm not a scientist but if you put Chocolate candy and fruit candy like Like Jolly Ranchers or Warheads or Starburst if you throw all of those Together in a bowl for long enough the Chocolate starts to take on a fruit Flavor so all that to say I'm in a bad Way and I skipped uh the name Today I forgive you I don't know if the Kids will but or your neighborhood but I I forgive you this time D you could put That on the you could put it back on the Porch buddy I mean you know for your Delivery people uh maybe some kids still Walk by on the way to school or Something you know no because it won't Go to the delivery people I live too Close to the city so it will go to a a Team of vermin I don't want I can't I Can't attract the Vermin oh yeah if you Leave that out squirrels are going to Get it for sure and they're going to Thank you I don't know what they like With the fruit flavored chocolate candy

I'm not sure but I absolutely I think The squirrels are going to get to that Anyways this episode it's brought to you By somebody that we didn't get to Because of that long explanation from Doug on fruit infused chocolate I did I Did ask I that is true I did I I also Need to ask about FanDuel I need to tell You about FanDuel today's episode is Brought to you by FanDuel you can make Every moment more right now new Customers get $150 in bonus Bets with Any winning $5 moneyline bet that's 150 Bucks if your team wins visit Fanduel.com Lockon to get started all right so Yesterday that was more of a lamelo ball Conbo after the weekend defensive Possession at the end locking up Tyrese Halberton crazy fourth quarter against Dallas we needed to talk about the guy That got off to a very slow start Hopefully that does not continue after The fourth quarter and what we saw Saturday and Sunday let's go to the Other storyline at least at the Beginning of this season with Brandon Miller Brandon Miller had his worst Shooting performance against Dallas he Went three of 12 against Indiana he went Four of seven people still very high on What the rookie is able to do for this Team defensively I know people are Sharing some clips I know you thought

Pretty highly if I'm not mistaken from What you said yesterday of what Brandon Miller was able to do on that end of the Floor Doug it does seem like the Shooting is going down a little bit the Three-point shot not falling as much the Last couple of games did not hit one Over the weekend against Indiana nor Against Dallas um what do you think the Main takeaway was from Brandon Miller And really his first start because Terry Roier did not start and because of that It was Brandon Miller that played Alongside lamelo as soon as the ball was In the air well let me just say this I Know that a lot of people watching or Listening to this podcast right now are Waiting for me to apologize for how high I've been on Brandon Miller this season Yeah uh just because he had a stinker of A start and I won't do it I will not Apologize for loving Brandon Miller and Being high on Brandon Miller this entire Season I will never apologize for that So that's my take thank you this is the Non-apology for the nonap like we're Three non apologies levels down at this Point right this is a non-apology Inception it's 100% Inception apology I Don't know what's going on I don't know If we're in a dream or if in reality but We are in Inception apology what did you Make of brand Miller's first start Despite your non-apology Doug again I

Thought he did some good things on the Defensive end he had a tough assignment I mean he was at at different times Guarding Luca donic and guarding Kyrie Irving and the way they had that defense Set up it really required you to be on Your toes at all time it's not like he Was constantly going One V one with Donic and Kyrie I mean they had it set Up so that there were a lot of double Teams and then coming off those double Teams even if he wasn't a part of those Double teams you know he was part of the Backside rotation and for two H or for Two quarters you know through that first Half it it it was really good and and Brandon Miller was a big part of that And so yes there were some struggles on The offensive and you know I I I just Think that's going going to be a thing For him this season there are going to Be stretches where he shoots really well And probably stretches where he Struggles I think he's honestly playing A little bit even before the start he's Been playing a little bit outside of a Role that I thought he would play they I Think they've leaned on him more to Score than I thought they would early in The season because I think because Lamelo ball is struggling to score Somebody's got to put the ball in the D Hoop and Brandon Miller has generally Been reliable for that uh but in this

Game he was really exclusively playing Defense and taking shots one rebound one Assist one steal and only seven points And of course he gets whistled for that 5-sec call at the end of the game I Don't think that's all his fault but at The end of the day you're the guy with The ball in your hands you got to get it Out in five seconds yeah and and and and Clifford trusting a rookie there which Doug you mentioned he's done in the the Past so that kind of kind of you know Flies in the face a little bit of of Clifford won't even play rookies but he Trusted him there and I just think that Big defensive assignment uh especially When he's starting against Dallas says a Lot about what they think of Brandon Miller and just the fact that he can Guard both uh Luca and Kyrie you know in Stretches says a lot about what he about His future and what kind of defensive Player I think he can be and that's Going to take away some of your you know Offensive ability I think when you're Exerting so much energy on on the Defensive end so I think Doug's right He's going to have these little blips He's been awesome so far I mean there Isn't a rookie out there even wmy had a Rough first night you know that's not Gonna have dips along the way so I Wouldn't be too concerned about Brandon Miller the fact that you can slot him in

Play next to lamelo which like we Thought was almost a pipe dream when we Were talking about it in draft or Pre-draft talk that this is a Possibility but how awesome would that Be if you had these two guys in the back Court playing together if they can kind Of develop that you know if if some good Comes out of this um Terry injury where He can get comfortable playing back There with him I mean that's going to be A big boost but I still think you got to Be really high on Brandon Miller they Aren't even really running you know it Doesn't seem like they're they're it Seems like he's getting his off of like Second action or he's or or fast break When he has the ball it doesn't it feel Like they're running a lot necessarily Through him to me at least so he's Finding ways to impact the game and he's Still took he still took two big threes I think it was in the Dallas game Couldn't get either one to go in but He's not shying away you know he's not Shying away from these big shots with God the Hornets need somebody like that Too and I think those are going to fall We've seen them fall already so I think Uh it's still it's still onward and Upward for Brandon well I think you ask How he's getting his it looks like it's Through the mid-range man especially in The last couple of games we saw that

When his shot went begging quite a bit Against Dallas but if you go back so I Was looking at a shot chart per 36.com And if you look at what he's been doing Especially in the mid-range and if you Go to what he's done this entire season He's shooting 40% now that's actually up In the last couple of days after those Two games from 28.6% despite the worst shooting night Of his NBA career but the shots he did Hit against Indiana and Dallas it's Because the three-point shots not Dropping so then he gets into that Mid-range and then he started knocking That down I also think we've talked About this because he's not great at Getting to the rim right now his free Throw rates actually pretty decent I From what I saw on cleaning the glass But we know that he's not the most Physical player in the world and Brandon Miller has combed that by stopping let's Say 10 feet out and just letting it fly There his overall efficiency's down his Three-point shots not working as much in The last couple of games small sample Size bad games going to affect that Quite a bit but I think what you're Seeing right now is okay we're bogged Down or if we are going to allow Brandon Miller to handle the basketball one two Dribbles inside off the three-point line And then he's goingon to let it fly his

Efficiency's 43 and his mid-range is 39.8 so that's where he's been really Helping himself at least if the Three-point shot isn't falling and that Was a big question because he didn't Show it off in college I was never too Worried about that aspect of his game Because that's just the way Nate oats Runs his system three free throws pain Oriented that's how it is very NBA like In that regard but we are seeing Brandon Miller go to it like he did in high School he just skipped it for that one Year that he was in Tuscaloosa yeah I mean I don't I don't Think that I saw anything that would Make me believe oh well Clifford's just Going to keep him as the starter and I But I think he should be starting I I Think let's why are we delaying the Inevitable in a season that I don't Believe uh really has much of an Opportunity to make too many waves in The playoffs but I think this team Believes that because it's their job to Believe that and so Clifford is going to Go with the veteran until it doesn't Make sense to go with the veteran Anymore while still playing Brandon Miller significant minutes and he's Getting significant shots he's taking 11 Attempts per game that's second among a Rookies only to Victor wanyama I mean He's taking more than Chad holgren at

This point and so you know he's going to Have plenty of opportunities to be you Know part of winning and part of losing Uh for this team this season so what's The concern with starting him at this Point I mean I'm asking you the kind of Thing in Clifford shoes I guess is just Not wanting to take Hayward or Terry out Of the starting lineup it seems like Hayward is the natural one that would Maybe go to the bench in that case Obviously anything you do to the Starting unit is going to affect that Second unit somewhat but I mean Hayward's playing well right now um Fading a little bit in the fourth Quarter here lately but you know it Seems like that would kind of make fit I Mean people are are clamoring already Right now for Brandon Miller to be in The starting lineup and it's it's hard To argue against it with how how well He's played and do your point dug like Let's start this thing right he's number Two draft pick uh let's let's let's go Ahead and see what we got here and Because he's not like Mark Williams Where I thought last season sending him To Greensboro was a good idea and being Patient with him was a good idea because He needed time Brandon Miller's ready Like yeah tough shooting night but he's Ready and he would I think actually help You up top defensively more so than

Terry Rosier so I I'm totally with you I Just think you know it Clifford views This as we're trying to win he has a lot Of respect for Terry Rosier and Gordon Hayward and feels like putting one of Those guys on the bench would uh take Away what those guys give you ultimately And that's that's not worth the risk and Again I I disagree with that but I think That's that's where his heads up yeah uh All right we I got one more point on Brandon Miller starting then we move on And talk about the very guy that he Started for coming up next on the Lockdown Hornets Podcast don't go to sleep on the Hornets Just yet the bullet line I mean the Bullet point I should say it's juicy More scary without Terry people are Asking questions including us and we'll Get to that question in just a moment But not before we talk about FanDuel This episode is brought to you by FanDuel you can score early this NFL Season with America's number one sports Book right now on FanDuel new customers Get $150 in bonus Bets with any winning $5 moneyline bet that's 150 bucks if Your team wins and if you've been Thinking about joining FanDuel there's No better time to get in on the action The app is so easy to use there's a wide Range of betting options including Spreads player props over unders even

More than that visit fanduel.com lockon And kickoff the NFL season FanDuel the Official partner of the NFL more lock Down hornets ahead one final thing on Brandon Miller whether he should start Right now or whether they should wait a Little bit to me it does make sense just To wait it is going to be inevitable I Do get that it's not like Gordon Hayward's been so bad though so if You're taking G so if you're taking Gordon Hayward out that means you're Taking still one of your better players And deciding you know what we're not Going to give you as much time despite Him averaging 17 points if you look at What he's been doing from the Three-point line he's shooting 43% % on The season he's shooting 48% from the Field we know about his defensive stats And how much they helped last year so Terry roier would be the next guy and Man how much have we talked about Terry Just playing grown-up basketball if They're floating too much on the Perimeter then Terry has been the one to Actually drive inside and hit a couple Of circus shots just tough offensive Minded shots especially if lamelo shot Wasn't rolling earlier in the season Hopefully it is now and then you're not Going to put Brandon Miller at the four And he's twoo small defens at that point So I'm cool with him playing 30 minutes

A game still like it's not coming at the Expense of him getting any less time Which I'm fine with if you look at who Has the most minutes on this team it's Terry at 36 PJ at 33 Gordon at 33 lamelo At 32 and then Brandon's right there at 31 right with with seconds of course Interchangeable so he's he's getting More minutes than even Mark Williams and Nobody else is even close after that You're talking about about a bunch of Bench players Brandon's getting a lot of Time even still I'm cool with it I I I Worry a little bit about responsibility I know he can handle it I'll be I'll I'll be the one that's too hesitant I'll Be the one that's coddling Brandon Miller that's fine I'm okay with doing That for the second overall pick just to Make sure we don't put a ton on his Plate not yet even if we feel like he Can handle it let's just roll through This and then maybe when we get to January something like that we we do the Whole hey Gordon you need a minute's Restriction we want you fresh for a Playin wind out I want to hear that sell I want to hear that pitch yeah right Well it's and if it's inevitable then I That are you doing it now or do you want To wait a little bit and just keep the Good Vibes now yeah okay to your to your Point he's really the six starter I mean His minutes are starter minutes if you

Look at especially the last two games Yeah he started and he's been in closing Lineups yeah exactly so he's he's he's In there right he he is Uh and let's let's also face facts Terry's not going to be the last guy That gets injured I mean I am looking at You Gordon Hayward just based on history Uh I hope I hope it's a season where You're healthy all the way through but I Mean at some point guys are going to get Dinged up um and Brandon Miller is the Sixth starter uh in my eyes and I think For for um for Steve Clifford too just Based on minutes but that's the whole Thing but Walker you make a great point You make a great point that Terry is Averaging plus points a game and he's Let's move on from there I don't want to Hear anything else that let's just stop And let's move on I apologize no you Make a great point and Gordon Hayward They're depending on him for a lot of Offense at this point you saw it in the Indie game you saw it in the Dallas game I mean you know his two-point package And PJ's two-point package is saving the Charlotte Hornets right now and and I Don't know how Steve Clifford benches One of those guys and then walks in the Locker room and looks everybody else in The eye it's not as if they have if one Of those guys was playing awful Basketball then yeah I mean there would

And they were losing and they were 0 and Six right now then there would be Absolutely a case for Clifford to go in And do that you know I I I understand And yet I'm just I'm just obsessed with The macro which is that the Hornets I Think are going to be in the same Position as as San Antonio as Detroit as As Washington the team they're playing Twice this week they're not going to Make the play in they're going to be a Bad team let's just get Brandon Miller Uh assignments where he's guarding the One of the better Wing players in the League night in and night out I think That's going to help him accelerate his Development more than anything Else it's understandable to also want The number two overall pick playing as Much as possible um the guy they started For though is Terry roier and Doug There's the bullet point right I told You how juicy it was when we started This show is the are the Hornets more Scary without Terry so I don't know I I Guess did did you see this from the Mad Men that texts you on your subtext all The time like what has you asking this Question with the Hornets losing to Dallas 124 118 the only absence we've Seen from Terry this year yeah they they Lost but I think in that first half Without Terry Rosier they it looked like Some of the better offense and some of

The better defense that they've played All season offensively they were running A lot more sets uh the the movement Looked a lot better and then defensively I mean guys are just flying all around The floor they were executing the double Well on LCA donic and so yeah people Were lighting me up on every Hornets box Score on the chat there on subtext and Saying hey what what's going on there You know Terry's out should the Hornets Explore uh this so I thought I would Throw it to you two guys and see what I Have thoughts but I I thought I would Throw it to you two guys so David what Do you think well I think Terry brings Something to the table that the Hornets Have needed for many years now and They're getting it a little bit more Here with I think Brandon Miller's Injection I think PJ Washington's Toughness but it's that kind of dog it's That guy that you need in the final Closing minutes And and that's been Terry for so long I Mean lamel is not the guy I may never be That the guy to do that um and I think Terry brings that toughness in the back Court the the flip side the downside is Those Terry point guard minutes that Really scare you I mean that's kind of I Think where people are really digging in Their heels and saying this is not Something we want to see out there but

You this team needs the scoring this Team still needs Terry to be out there And make some of these big shots you Know and so I think they they are going To miss him if he's out for an extended Period of time uh but it is you know It's always interesting when you take a Key cog out of the rotation and things Seemingly go well because there's stuff That you know Terry is just not that Great at I mean on the defensive end uh Not going to be a stopper uh at the Point guard not really somebody you can Count on to keep the offense moving and Flowing and a bit of a ball stopper Right but I think the upside for this Team is just a little more um important Right now still for what they're trying To do Uh and and it'll be interesting to see If they get to that point Doug of hey we Are what we are all right let's let's Face reality if they make any changes From that front but I don't see it Happening if he's healthy I think he's Going to be out there just you know for Toughness and for experience well I mean Is is this basically the should Brandon Miller start already conversation Extended because this is with that no This is without Terry as in Terry is Gone he's he's been moved to another Team are the Hornets scarier without Terry okay so yeah because if Terry was

Still on the team then I'm like that That would still be I guess with Brandon Miller starting so would they be better Without him that's tough for me to say I Mean I guess without I don't know what The return would be if you're talking About draft picks for Terry rier then Brandon Miller going into the to that Shooting guard role that would help the Brandon Miller conversation of him just Starting already because if you look at Cleaning the glass he's really split his Time at small forward and shooting guard So far so if Terry roier is gone then Yes all the Brandon Miller fans would be Very happy because now he's playing Alongside lamelo and I guess if you do View it from a macro that's GNA be your Future back court I Terry roier you Brought up that point Doug it's Terry Feels like this is his last go at it That's why he did come back earlier this Off season go at it at least with this Foundation of the Charlotte Hornets Gordon Hayward in a contract Year Terry Being in every trade conversation at Different Trad checkpoints offseason Trade deadline soon as season's over He's been at the center of that along With Gordon Hayward so much so yeah he's Definitely not going to be here long Term I definitely I guess is strong but We know who the starting back Court's Going to be or at least who the starting

Duo is going to be yeah maybe it would Make some sense I think this year if the Goal is to go all out and get to the Playin and if the return is trade pack Is draft Package then I I don't want to sell them for less Than you know hundred cents on the Dollar or maybe even 70 right like ients On the dollar talk love a little sense On the dollar talk yeah right I I don't You know I don't want to take just zero Value back in return if the idea is to Uh get to the playin because I I want Playoff experience with this team and if Terry helps us get there at least for This squad I I don't expect them to win A playoff series by any am by any Stretch but I do want to get there Because I want lamel to have that and I Want Brandon Miller to have that right Away so I don't have to worry about it Anymore and if Terry helps us get that Then so be it I I'll I'll not trade him For the 7075 cents on the dollar return That might come with it right listen you Guys said a lot of words I really Appreciate it uh but the I'll just clear It up for everyone the Hornets are not Scarier without Terry okay um he he is a Guy he's a bucket getter he's one of the Few guys on this team that I think uh Can be a knockdown three-point shooter And get to the paint literally whenever

He wants without having to be crafty Without having to draw contact he can Just get by his guy and this team has to Get to the paint and and either kick out Or make something happen there to to Even be competent offensively and and Terry is a guy that allows you to do That and so no now do I do I think Brandon Miller should be starting yes But do I think they're scarier without Terry absolutely not by the way that Dallas team is bad defensively okay you Need Terry most when you're playing Teams that have good defense that he can Cut through that he can knife through True uh this is a team that you know you Can run set plays against and get shots For guys because they they're not Looking they're looking to outscore you They're not looking uh you know to get Tough defensively uh so yes the the the Answer is pretty clear the Hornets are Not scarier without Terry I think what People have been clamoring for is either Terry and or Gordon right to get traded For something I mean that's what the Move that people are waiting to see Happen whether it's draft capital and Maybe that's just for some change of This team that's it huh that's it yeah You just hit the nail in the head I Don't even think it's about Terry Rosier At this point I think there are a lot I Think most fans respect what Terry's

Done while he's been here in Charlotte I Don't think it's about Gordon Hayward at This point people are frustrated with The injuries but they even I've seen a Few comments be like hey I've hated on Gordon Hayward for a long time this Guy's balling right now their their eyes Are open to like man if this guy would Have stayed healthy I see what the Hornets were seeing it just didn't work Out but David you're hitting the nail on The head people are tired People are just desperate for some kind Of change for some kind of indication That we're moving in a future Direction Because the the Hornets I think have Unsuccessfully tried to sell fans on This idea that they're going to make the Playin and the playoffs this season I Don't think folks are buying it they see The depth scarier without Terry if you Got if you're telling me it's Bryce McGaw and ish Smith I love Bryce but I Think Bryce and ish both showed you Against Dallas that ain't it that's not The answer right now so yeah that's a Great point I I think we could have just Cut this conversation back by about 10 Minutes maybe people would welcome that But just to say that they don't have the Death to lose any of these starter level Players I mean that's the bottom line Well that and that's why I was asking Wait are we are we doing this in with a

Brandon Miller should he be starting Extension or and if you trade him it if It's only for draft Capital Then the depth is non-existent like what You doing if it's only draft Capital Which look there's going to be a real Reason if if somebody values Terry Enough as a sixthman scorer that is Contending and they're willing to give You a first round pick man look I I Can't I I don't know if I can turn down A first round pick like I I don't know If I'm G be able to do that but they Haven't been able to get that in the Past I NBA changes a lot yeah I but They're not going to be scarier without Him no you're right just to to answer The question definitively coming up next On the lockdown Hornets podcast don't go To sleep on the Hornets just yet yes It's time now for BET The Buzz uh and We're going to bet the buzz despite me Losing I haven't won yet I don't think I Know I don't know about Doug I know D I'm over I'm oer David is the only one Via Rod via chat uh GPT uh David is the Only one to win thanks to Rod thanks to You said chat GPT is what it is yes Reminder everyone Walker is younger than Us but somehow somehow technology has Escaped him I trust rod over the robots I Chad GP whatever the hell I trust Rod So big shout out to rod for giving David The win and the only win it's going to

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Everyone that was what a verified Customer had to say about Jace if you Were someone you love would would get Some peace of mind by having a year Supply of any daily Med go to JM Medical.com to see if it's offered for You or remember to use code promo code Locked on for $20 off your purchase Again that's locked on for $20 off of Your purchase uh we'll go to bet the Buzz last segment coming up next Lockdown Hornets there's the background the all Important game between the Wizards and The Charlotte Hornets coming up in just A couple of days and uh what are we Doing here Doug did you want to sing Your jingle we're going to bet the buzz Got to bet the buzz the mic is yours Friend tell us what we're doing uh yeah If you haven't been paying attention We've got a new game here called bet the Buzz it's pretty simple we are betting On Hornets games with our friends at FanDuel but we're doing so in an Interesting way I've got the duffel of Doom here and inside the duffel of Doom I'll I'll I'll shake it so you can hear It those are pingpong balls and on the Pingpong balls are a number or a word And and that number or word will Indicate how each of us will bet the Buzz so if uh you're ready David you Will pick first this week uh you are the

Only winner so far of BET The Buzz yeah Thanks to Chad GPT and Chad GPT so are You are you ready to bet the buz I'm I'm Ready to totally ready no I've given it A good Shake already rumage rumage Rumage and oh my gosh we finally pulled It the most interesting of all of the Let's see if I can get the camera shot Up here uh no the camera shot I might Have to work on the camera shot a little Bit it's not working I'll just tell you See if I can get it I can actually Switch over to my full shot so I can Show you this if if the camera will Focus on it that is the logo of LEF fron I had to look this up online you have Gotten the lefron ball and that means uh That you are ball in it means means you Have to bet all of your money On no other way on this hits game are You ready yes all right so let me get Back to the Screen yeah let me get back to the Screen share here so right now I'll tell You the line it's Charlotte Hornets plus Four and a half the Hornets are actually Favored in this game and they are you Have to go ball in it and and he doesn't Get to choose what prop he wants either He has to The the the spread of the game you can Choose whatever you want Okay that that changes things I I that Would also require some research for you

To pull some stuff up or whatever but I Will say this if I were to pull the Lefron ball yeah this might be the game I mean the Wizards I all I need are a Couple of Jordan pool walkways after he Thinks he made a basket with that thing Bouncing on out all I need is a behind The back dribble but behi the but the Back is facing the goal that he's trying To score on all I need is a couple of Those things and I think you're in the Money here David let me both of these Teams both of these teams love to run Too I know the over under is at 240 and A half so you're talking about 120 Points a piece but I mean I would even Consider that over because both of these Teams are just running their bleeps off This season and and and we lock these in With a line right if if we get a little Movement I I don't get the advantage of That or the disadvantage correct yeah We're GNA we're going to bet the buzz Today so you get this I would never ever Ever ever ever disrespect lefrance by Not taking the Hornets so give me the Hornets give the four and a Half betting the whole cheese and you Actually have more cheese than us at This point because you're the only one That has won wow this could be a huge I Mean you're you're you could take an Insurmountable lead maybe U unless one Of us draws the the LF again or an

Insurmountable deficit if there's only If we could just let lamelo know that I Drew the lefron ball and then it's all In I thought it was going to be a while Before we I mean there's only there's 36 Total balls in here so you had a one in 36 chance of pulling it thought it was Going be can you check the first basket Odds and make this thing real Interesting with all of David's money Yeah well I mean Mark Williams at plus 480 he's been the guy that's what I want Mark Williams has been the guy how many Games has he scored first in CU it has It it it feels like half of them it's Going to be a tough one for me to look Up in this segment but um I'll trust Your gut okay and I'll Trust Vegas Vegas Knows I mean they've got know they've Got Mark Williams lamelo Ball P I mean They obviously think that the Hornets Are going to score first because it's Mark Williams lamelo ball PJ Washington Gordon Hayward and then you get down to Jordan pool at plus 800 now I don't know If that's off the backboard down 20 or If that that's first basket I'm not sure They know they like the OD they like the The Hornets winning the tip for sure Okay David's all in baby I love it on The Hornets winning uh they got to win By five feel like they have not been up By Five Points all year but this will be The the game this will be the one all

Right I'm excited so intense all right Here we go Walker you are going to be Number 30 oh number 30 do you know who Wor number 30 for the Charlotte Hornets A lot of lot of folks you can you give Me a couple of names anyone Dell right I Mean does Dell Dell definitely won it's Not the one that's going to represent This ball Dell is definitely the one Uh who else is there that war number 30 That I I can't think of anybody Troy Daniels do I have to bed on a West Coast Team after midnight something like that What do I got uh no that's not quite What it is this is the Troy Daniels Miracle after midnight so what this is Is you bet $5 on the Hornets if they are The underdog which they are not in this Game unfortunately you are betting $1 on The Hornets because they are the Favorite so there you go okay hey Doug Could you do me a favor and just go go To Player points real quick I'm just Rethinking this Le France what's the mow yeah so uh Player Points right now the only ones that they Have are wizard well see this is popular I wonder here we go if I tab over to Player points okay uh no the only ones That they have lines for right now for Player points are Kyle kozma Jordan P Denny that's plus 10 keep going I think If you keep scrolling Down well yeah you could do 10 plus

Points on well see they've only got odds I don't know why weird maybe I'll I'll Kind play around with this may maybe More guys will open up I'm not sure how FanDuel decides which players are Available but right now I'm only seeing Wizards I think the universe is spoken Honestly I think they we know what they Want you to do let's do it all right so You're taking the Hornets final ball Here and I've got number two $2 if you Select the Hornets $1 if you don't so I Will take that because I've got to catch Up with DAV if he wins this bet so I Will select the Hornets and I will do it With a $2 bet so there you go all taking The yeah we're all taking the Hornets And and despite me winning I'm going to Take it you too Doug we're both going to Take a massive fall here and we're all Pulling for the Hornets we are and and That hasn't really worked out for us in This game so far in bet the buzz I think The only the only ones that have even Had a chance of hitting were ones that Did not involve the Hornets winning so Um hopefully this game doesn't turn into A giant Jinx for the Charlotte Hornets But that's where we are with bet the Buzz uh so there you go uh check out our Fans uh friends at FanDuel if you want Uh to bet the buzz against the Wizards And this uh first Wizards game is not The n Season Tournament game but the

Second game that's on Friday is the Hornets first in season Tournament game They are late to the party which I think Might benefit them because they've had Some time uh to let lamelo kind of get His groove back just time for this Inseason tournament I can't wait to see Uh the the courts I mean I've seen a Couple of them I I like them I don't Know about you guys I mean I I think They're bold yeah they you know you got To turn the brightness down on your TV Sometimes but you know I think it's Something interesting oh I love them Dude people are complain about anything It's it's it's an inseason Court Tour Tournament Court whatever it's fine Everybody chill out relax it's been fun Did you see what the the heat put on Their Court though not the inseason Tournament Doug did you see what the Heat put on their Court I think it was Last night yeah Edition I didn't what What what did they put on their court It's like a paragraph of you know like Heat culture type stuff yeah because They just are riding with this heat Culture thing it's expanding on heat Culture but of course the funny thing is It's it's it's it's it's originally Nicks culture which I guess of course It's like it's attributed to a quote That Pat Ry said when he was with the Nicks shout out to the no dunks podcast

For searching that one out but you know Classic classic heat culture that that's Heat C if you want heat culture that's Heat culture so it's like a bunch of Comments right like it's a bunch of Comments of you know we're we're Grinding or whatever or just like I know That's Memphis but nastiest hardest Working blah blah blah blah blah blah Blah hornets have owned the heat over The past couple years I don't want most Tax advantaged team in the NBA I think Something perfect so now it's got me Thinking what if the Hornets triy to uh Jump on this trend what do you think the Hornets uh Walker you got ideas what you Think the Hornets would put down on Their Court um we don't have any All Stars on this Team Mitch cup check quote from back in The day that's what uh that's a good one You could go that uh you could go uh we Are aware of the reports and are in the Process of gathering more information uh They lead the league and gathering in The process of gathering more Information they are bottom five in the League and actually obtaining Information but yeah you could Definitely throw that think that's Hornet's culture at this point right now Those are yeah that's the bad one you Could definitely go down that route um I'm sure yeah people would want to do

That as well uh James book Knight and Miles bridges yeah that would be bad all Right we end on that note thank you Doug We appreciate it that'll do it for lock Down hornets thank you David Walker you Can find him on Twitter clearly right There in the handle no longer any Nickname it's just a Twitter handle Davidb Walker also make sure you go Check out Doug substack every Hornets Boox score.com listen to me Walker every Weekday on WFNZ from 12: to 300 p.m. We'll all be cheering for the Charlotte Hornets of course when they play the Wizards David will take maybe an Insurmountable lead we're gonna have to Get the lefron ball in order to catch up With him so we'll see what happens we Will I guess preview a little bit more We got some rest that we're going Through here before we take on the Wizard so we'll continue to preview this Game a little bit more on the other side Have a great rest of your day we'll be Back with you Tomorrow We

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Charlotte North Carolina is a popular place to move for families, young professionals and retirees alike. It has a thriving economy, balanced cost of living, great schools and plenty of opportunities to get out and explore the city and its surrounding areas.

The temperate climate in Charlotte allows for year round events, so there is always something going on. From large music festivals to niche activities like the Charlotte Film Festival you can find a good time in this vibrant city.

If you’re a fan of the comic book world you might want to check out HeroesCon, an event that brings in guests from across the country to meet the creators behind some of the most popular comics and shows. The city also has a number of museums that offer an interesting cultural experience and are a great way to spend an afternoon.

Charlotte’s restaurant scene is vibrant and offers new takes on comfort food. From fried chicken to mac and cheese you can find an amazing meal here. You’ll also find plenty of coffee shops, bars and restaurants that serve craft beer.

When it comes to shopping in Charlotte you’ll find a mix of traditional malls and unique boutiques and markets. The 7th Street Public Market is a fun way to shop for local products. There’s also the Latta Arcade which is a historic shopping arcade built in 1914 and has two stories of boutiques and restaurants.

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