Why The #CarolinaPanthers Coaching Job isn’t Appealing

Mike Kaye explains why the #Panthers coaching vacancy isn’t appealing following the firing of Frank Reich #NFL

You have to make this job really Appealing and to me I've said this Several times I don't think this job is Appealing from the standpoint of you Have to be completely bought in on BR Who you did not pick you also have to be Very comfortable with you're inheriting A bottom five roster without a first Round pck cool you have a ton of salary Cap SP well guess what typically when You spend a lot of money in free agency And you win the offseason you lose the Regular you also have to De with the Fact that there's not a lot of patience Here and if you're a first year head Coach and you feel like you're only Going to get one bite at the Apple why Get the the Apple here especially when You know that other owners can pay you Can talk about how rich daver is how Much he can out bit any everybody but so Far that's led to Frank Reich who seen As an afterthought prior to the search This past year and Matt rule who again AB disaster so I think from their Standpoint they need somebody with Experience who can say no to dat say hey I can contextualize why this shouldn't Happen

Charlotte North Carolina

Charlotte North Carolina Attractions and Activities

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As the largest city in North Carolina Charlotte is home to a variety of attractions and activities. From a lively arts scene and live music to popular restaurants, bars and clubs, the city has something for everyone. Sports fans will find plenty to enjoy as Charlotte is home to teams at every level of American sports including the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League and the Charlotte Hornets of the NBA. Finance companies like Bank of America and Wells Fargo also have major operations in Charlotte, bringing the area a steady stream of employment opportunities.

Weather in Charlotte is relatively mild year round, with summer highs rarely exceeding 95 degrees and winter lows seldom dropping below freezing. The city averages 218 sunny days a year, more than the national average. The relative humidity is fairly consistent throughout the year, with a few months being much muggier than others.

The city has a number of popular shopping destinations, such as the 7th Street Public Market which features various vendors from around the area offering an array of items. The Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden hosts Holidays at the Garden, a festive event in November through December where visitors can see more than a million lights and enjoy seasonal entertainment.

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