What did Terry Rozier mean to the Charlotte Hornets PLUS could Miles Bridges return??

Walker finally gives his Terry time eulogy after Terry Rozier was traded to the Miami Heat. What did he mean to the Charlotte Hornets? Do the chances of Miles Bridges coming back increase after the Terry trade? Finally, Walker discusses some of the accolades LaMelo Ball has missed out on due to injury.

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Coming up today on the lock on Hornets Podcast I have not been able to give my Terry roier Charlotte Hornets time Eulogy I've been dying all week to do That I'll do it today and discuss a Possible miles Bridge's return next year And how much is new ownership involved That's all today on locked on Hornets You are locked on hornets part of the Locked on podcast Network your team Every day in the minute cuz we Live [Music] It's locked on hornets part of the lock On podcast Network it's your team every Day thanks for making us your number one Listen we are free and available Anywhere you get your podcast and that Includes YouTube you can find me on Twitter at Walker mail you can also Listen to me on WFNZ every weekday from 12: to 3:00 p.m. 927 FM that is and you Can check out Doug usually my co-host Not today I'm flying solo but you can Check out his work on his substack every Hornets boox score.com you can also Follow him on Twitter that's if you Aren't already blocked yet I know a lot Of people have expressed that to me but If you aren't you should go check him Out he's funny sometimes Doug Branson at Uh Doug Branson loh you can follow him There and so yeah you might be able to Find some of his Terry roier thoughts

You probably heard a little bit of mine On locked on with Doug where we're going Back and forth he played you the clip That I had when I was doing the Terry Analysis from the studio because I was Already at the studio about to hop on For Weston Walker when this news came in And then we had to scramble doing a lot Of throwing away the rundown just like I Had to do today in order to talk more About Dave Canalis that news broke at 12 When the Carolina Panthers they decided To hire their new coach right then and There same thing happened with Terry Just breaking news all over the place And so I hopped on with Doug and we Really talked more about the trade Itself and I was also talking with Ryan Blackburn of the alyo podcast and he was Asking me if I liked it or if I felt Like the trade was necessary and I was Trying to wrestle in my mind just how I Thought about it like how much do I Really like this Trade I understand it I've talked about How necessary I do think it is at this Point in time but I don't know if I can Tell you that I really like it all that That much because of the way that Terry Roier had played here recently and I'm Sure if anybody that's been listening to This podcast for I don't even know how Many years now have probably two three Years you can probably catch a lot of my

Criticism on Terry roier as a player I The the biggest criticism that I threw Terry's way was really about the Contract which of course I'm all in Favor of a player getting as much money As possible but from the Charlotte Hornet standpoint when they paid him That second deal I didn't think that was A great move for this team as Constructed and I did have criticism for Mitch cup I did have criticism for this Current iteration of the organization The Mitch cup Che regime but man it's Been a weird time watching Terry because All he's done has been adapt to whatever Role has been asked of him play quite a Bit of games he's not been the most Iron Man of all the players that's probably Reserved for PJ considering the lamelo Miles Terry Gordon core but Terry's Probably second on that list if if you Count miles Bridges being suspended all Last year lamelo having the ankle Injuries Gordon having a bunch of Injuries Terry's been out there more Often than those guys have and you can See you continue to see him get better And better and that's why I tip my cap To Terry roier and that's why it is hard To see him go it it was a weird Relationship almost as a hornet fan Watching him and seeing how the Hornets Operated but I can't help but think back To when he was brought to the Charlotte

Hornets organization I'll I'm going to Do this again by the way if you listen To this on West and Walker people were Accusing me of damn Walker are you about To cry like no I'm sorry I'm going to Keep it together I I don't mean to be Too dramatic about this but man this is What we got we're Hornets fans man like This is what we have guys come into our Lives for 300 games they don't get to The postseason but they give us Something to cheer for they bridge that Gap between Kimo Walker and lamelo and Even help out when lamelo's out like This is what we have so I can't help but Think about when they traded for Terry Roier and so many people joked about oh It's it's really a trade quote unquote Really you lost Kima for essentially Nothing getting Terry in return it's not Really a trade and Terry comes in and Really helps out right away and plays Better than what he did in Boston and I remember talking a little Bit more about this with Steve Kyler of Basketball insiders at the time and he Was adamant that hey when you check out Terry roier and his numbers in the Starting lineup with Boston not coming Off the bench but when he starts Terry's A lot better player and I think that was True when you first saw him here in a Hornet uniform he had never shot over 40% in the first four years of his

Career and he never shot under 42% in Any season here with the Charlotte Hornets so right away his efficiency Went up and his three-point efficiency Was at 40% I believe the first season Here in Charlotte and I think with Terry Coming over here with the idea in mind That he was going to be a point guard And then Not only was he thinking he was Going to fill that point guard role While Kima gets traded to Boston but Devonte Graham starts to emerge think About Devonte Graham having averaged Four points per game his rookie season Devonte then shoots up to 18 points per Game his second season Devonte Graham Second season the first game against Chicago that's the game that PJ went for 27 points hit seven three-pointers in His first ever game Devonte also went For over 20 he went for over 20 on Back-to-back nights so here's Terry Thinking is going to be starting point Guard Devonte comes out balling like Most improved player of the year award Type Ballin and devonte's in the Starting lineup after the first 10 games Of the regular season so now Terry has To move to an off ball role again when He thought it was going to be his team But if you go back and you read some of The great work from the late great Rick Benell who you know how much I you you Know how much I feel about him he's

Amazing and he documented everything That Terry Sacrificed in order to be better for the Team And Terry Not only was he okay with Devonte coming into the starting lineup You can go back to the Charlotte Observer and read some of those articles And Terry was championing it he was Saying Devonte Graham should be a part Of the starting lineup because of the Way that he's Playing and I also think of Rick when I Hear what he was advised or what he was Told by other riders that had covered Terry before and people in Boston were Telling Rick hey get ready he's a little Bit of a Mal content just a little bit He's going to be frustrated he's Probably going to be a little Moody so Get ready for that and Rick was ready as He always was he was always prepared for That kind of thing and then after the First month or so I remember talking to Him on this podcast Tuesdays with Rick He said that's not true it's just not True it's not been my experience and he Developed a little bit of a relationship With Terry you know he he liked talking To Terry roier about basketball he and You know Rick man he he loved the game He did love the Charlotte Hornets Despite only experiencing pain while Covering them except he didn't

Experience pain while covering Terry Roier and Terry was always more open With somebody like Rick and speaking of Him being open I I thought during that Message to the Charlotte Hornets fans That he gave on social media he's like You guys know how I keep it I keep it Real I'm cursing all the time like it Was funny you you got the true sense of Who Terry was there was Zero filter on That guy when honestly there should have Been because of FCC regulations like he Tried to get us fined a couple of times That's just how it was but Terry's Cursing that was the only problem with Terry and then so you have the Devonte Graham thing to show you how much of a Leader he wanted to be even go talking About some of those articles and those Writeups he talked a lot about how he Needed to be more more of a vocal leader As even a younger player we're talking What like 25 years old at the time he Was still one of the older guys before You trade for Gordon Hayward remember You're talking about that Dwayne bacon LED team so Dwayne bacon he's a part of The starting lineup there Devonte Graham Jaylen McDaniels you have so many young players On that Squad Terry had to be that Leader and then so then we transition Into all right Devonte Grahams here now I got to share the back court with

Lamelo which okay like part of this is Oh boohoo like Terry roier has to share The back court with what is a fantastic Player but yeah this guy getting his Role changed quite a bit I could Understand how that might be frustrating But even the lamelo stands who can't Stand Terry roier who are happy about Him being away from this team the lamelo Stands like Terry is actually one of You that that's the the ironic part in All of this it's the fact that the very Guy that lamelo stands wanted away from The team that guy was also a lamelo Stand he even said it in this message Back to the Charlotte Hornets he said Exact actually is hilarious he said I'm The hugest fan of lamelo it's all he did Man it's all he did was Champion all These other players on the roster Whether it's lamelo whether it's Devonte You know whether it's continue to battle Whether it was continuing to get better Like breaking the notion that you can't Teach an old dog new tricks Terry roier Was that dog okay and that's why Everybody that had this opinion about Terry knew he would be perfect for heat Culture even if I cringe a little bit Saying it we know that he would be the Perfect Charlotte Hornets player to make That Transition and think about this team's Reputation last thing I'll say the

Reputation is Terrible and we know that and it's Confirmed Med constantly by what National NBA pundants think about this Organization but it's also confirmed by The players we all remember the joke not So joke from Jason Tatum but we all Remember Jason Tatum speaking to campers Saying they needed to bring it every Single night just because you're playing The Charlotte Hornets on a Monday on NBA League Pass doesn't mean that you can Just mail it in somebody paid tickets to Go see you play and of course the Hornets are the example of com just peak In oh who cares that's Jason Tatum's Peak indifference example of course the Hornets would beat him but Jason Tatum Had the Hornets in his mind as having That reputation we just saw it again Today Demar D rozan was talking about Kyle Lowry being traded to the Charlotte Hornets and he said how frustrated and How just all the negative emotions Kyle Lowry had said how how's he feeling and Dear said yeah you know he was I don't Know about sad I forget exact what word Word he used but yeah clearly upset About being traded to the Hornets away From the situation that was going to the Post season and contending for NBA Titles getting to the NBA finals and at Least even just getting to the playoffs Winning a series and now you have to

Come to the Charlotte Hornets now I Don't expect them to play a minute but Kyle Lowry having to get traded to the Charlotte Hornets it's making him Upset and while Terry could be nostalgic As Mitch cup talked about on his time With Charlotte we all know he's excited I'm Excited for him I mean they just got Destroyed by the Boston Celtics by 30 at Home I get that but he's still going to Be playing some meaningful basketball And so those were some of the stories I Wanted to share on Terry Rosier and just How much I understand it getting that First round pick Lottery protected 27 Dropping 14 spots to a completely Unprotected first round pick in 2028 That's valuable and if Terry gets to go To Miami his preferred destination and You get a first round Pick maybe it's not because the Hornets Really wanted to do him a solid maybe It's not because the Hornets really had Terry's best interest in heart I I we Can be realistic enough maybe you can Call it cicle we could also just call it Realistic that the Hornets were shopping Him for the best possible package in Return but maybe there was a little bit Of hey thank you Terry you go down to Miami where you wanted to play and we're Not going to explore anymore with the New York Knicks I mean think about it

It's a long time before you get to the Trade deadline right it's February 8th Something like that and so if they Really wanted to squeeze Terry for all He was worth then you might just wait Until you got to the deadline but they Didn't do it so maybe this is something Different maybe this reputation is Starting to change just a little bit Where Ownership starting to take this Different Direction trading some of the players They feel necessary to do so but also While they're doing it not trying to Squeeze them for all their value just so They can get the best package in return Which maybe they should be doing to be Honest with you but just to do some kind Of damage control they trade Terry like What two and a half weeks before the Deadline maybe there's a new direction For this franchise speaking of ownership Coming up next on the lockdown Hornets Podcast I did want to speak to how much Gay Plotkin and Rich schn were involved Jake fiser had some comments on that on The Weston Walker show sports radio 927 WFNZ before we get to that I did want to Mention eBay Motors this episode is Brought to you by eBay Motors our Partners at eBay motors have teamed up With the lockon fantasy basketball host Josh Lloyd to bring you some of the best

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You get your money back plus at these Prices you're burning rubber you're not Burning cash keep your ride or die alive At ebaymotors.com eBay guaranteed fit Only available to us customers eligible Items only exclusions Apply I did want to speak a little more To Gabe Plotkin and rich schn rich snob It's what we call them here on locked on Rich snob how involved are they well I Asked Jake fiser that on Weston Walker With Mitch cup sending this message out That's been reported by Adrien wowski It's been reported by Jake fiser that The Hornet's message is we're open for Business and we're open for business in A way that we have not Been to say the least at previous NBA Trade Deadlines so now that they're open for Business that doesn't seem very Mitch Cup check like and when I ask Jake how Much of this was at the direction of the Ownership group and he said yeah they're Very involved and Jake also discussed How this has been not a full season Worth of work for them but a full Calendar year right they have been Asking a lot of questions they've been Sitting back and they've been learning This is all according to Jake right that They've been sitting back and they've Been learning about the processes of Leading an NBA franchise where Rick schn

Does have this experience to a certain Degree having been a minority owner Within the Hawks organization gab Plotkin not so much but it's a different Role now you have schn running things With the most control the first five Years and then with this weird setup They have Plotkin will take over for the Next 5 years but these two will be Acting as a Partnership and so over the last Calendar year according to Jake fiser They have been sitting back taking notes Trying to figure out the best way to Lead this franchise and also learn more About Mitch cup learn more about Steve Clifford what to do with the players on The roster and the other thing that they Really want to do is create more cap Space and they want to have as much Flexibility as possible and Jake did Tell you it's a little bit why they Brought Kyle Lowry back in return rather Than maybe exploring a little more of What Terry roier could have been worth Out there on the open market maybe you Do take on a worse contract maybe you do On top of that worst contract take more Future assets whatever but they decided That they did want an expiring deal like Kyle Lowry who's going to be off of the Books and hopefully they can even trade Him before they have to decide whether They're going to buy him out or if he's

Actually going to suit up for the Hornets for the rest of this season but I'm sure they would love to trade in for Future assets and not take back any more Money I'm sure that's what they would Love to do and so if they have all this Flexibility and that's their main Objective then what are they going to Spend it on like I'm not going to lie I'm a little nervous about having all This cap space right there are so many Times where maybe a Brian wior or a Bobby marks will tell you sometimes it's A misnomer that cap cap space is a Really good thing and it's always tough To grasp that idea like of course Flexibility is a good thing of of course It's nice to be able to have a ton of Different options and you're not Painting yourself into a corner you're Not trapped anywhere that's good and We've seen way too many times where the Hornets have been trapped but it's also How you get trapped right like having All of this cap space is the best way to Paint yourself in a corner the more you Have then the more you might just be a Little crazy spinning that money on Players that their play on the court Don't really Deserve and I do Wonder When Jake says all of this cap space the NBA used to not think that they were Going to get mil Bridges back they used

To think that it was a foregone Conclusion that he was just going to go To a different team with everything that Had happened and I understand that but Now you think about no more Terry on the Books like that's a big deal right no More of the over $20 million a year on Your payroll so you get rid of that Contract you know Kyle Lowry it's the Same right so Kyle lry is no longer on The books we know about Gordon hayward's Money that's not going to be here Anymore so now you're talking about over $50 million in cap space not to mention Miles bridges on the eight-year Qualifying offer and so if he does leave Then you're talking about 60 million in Cap space and if you've listened to a Lot of national NBA podcasts they're Quick to tell you this is not a deep Free agency pool I do wonder if this not Being a deep free free agency pool means That other NBA teams might be looking to Save their cap space for the next year When you might have more options in free Agency and maybe this is the time for The Charlotte Hornets to pounce like one Of the ideas that you could take away is Well let's just do what Houston did Let's overpay for Fred Van vet for Dylan Brooks those guys can bring some we just Need grown-ups we need gritty players we Need dudes that know how to play Basketball really well and a fringe

Allstar in Van vet but still not worth The money that he got paid to most People but now the Houston Rockets They've improved so much after Jaylen Green hasn't taken that leap that we've Wanted him to see alen shenon certainly Has and you still have a top three pick In Jabari Smith and you also have the Grown-ups on the roster so is there a Houston Rockets page to take take away From that book and then apply it here do You go and you pay some of the other Free agents that other teams don't want To pay a lot of money and then you bring Them here and then maybe not undergo a Houston Rockets type of transformation But still a pretty good one like that Would be Great but I don't know if you I want to Spend that much money that also traps us From getting the next guy and maybe That's a problem with my own way of Thinking right maybe I I need to stop Hoping and waiting for the next guy and Just go ahead and make the moves that Will help this team right now because if They do get those glue pieces that you Pay just a little too much for at least You do have Brandon Miller on a rookie Contract for a while and Brandon Miller Is already clearly one of your better Players I'm a little scared about what Is in store for Mark Williams with this Back injury continuing and we never get

Good news on it but if Mark Williams Comes back then he's also on a rookie Scale contract and that's going to help Them too so they've got some cap space That they're going to work with it Doesn't necessarily mean it's a good Thing because that is how you do get Trapped that is how you lock yourself in The closet but Maybe maybe they make the right Decisions and not only are you not Trapped but now you're playing with your Friends that are in the NBA playoffs I Mean it'd be fantastic to see all of That and so it'll be interesting to see With new ownership Reportedly involved heavily this is Their time that they're going to put Their stamp on the organization this is Where we see their imprint not just Through the stadium updates not just Through the renovations but also this is The real Encore product imprint that They're putting on the uh organization And we'll see with PJ Washington very Tradable Nick Richards Jake fiser did Say lots of teams like most of the teams In the league he was saying over half The league would be interested did in Nick Richards for a second string big Guy who is at a highly tradable contract That'll be interesting so we'll see what Else is still to come for this Hornets Season coming up next on this lockdown

Hornets podcast I did want to continue With some of that conversation and maybe Discuss some of the guys that also could Return maybe discuss a little more of The most tradable players still left on The roster but before we do that I did Want to mention that this episode is is Brought to you by grammarly when it Comes to writing grammarly is there to Support you from start to finish for Over 10 years grammarly has been powered By AI technology you can trust to help You across all the places where you Write the most and now grammarly helps You do even more with one click you can Easily brainstorm rewrite and reply with Suggestions based on your context and Your goals so you can improve Productivity for you and your teams Speaking of grammar league if you have a Big big presentation coming up this is Where you can go let grammarly create a Personalized outline to get you Organized so you can transform your Ideas into a compelling presentation and If you need to draft an important email And you don't know where to start Grammarly has suggestions to jump start Your writing and the best part is that It's free to use start being more Productive at work go to grammarly.com SLP podcast to download for free today That's grammarly g r a m m a r l y Grammar and then l y at the end

Grammarly.com slmp podcast and they can Help you um be more productive at work In a lot of different Ways all right I did want to discuss a Little bit more about lamelo ball as Well because we got the starters Announced tonight by TNT for the All-Star Game and lamelo Ball's not There it's not breaking news I don't Think anybody expected him to be there But we do know that lamelo was in the The top 10 voting for the backourt Players in the Eastern Conference and we Are going to see on Thursday I think the Rest of the reserves announced and looks Like there's about four chances that Lamelo could be voted in even though we Don't really expect it right you still Have some of these backcourt players Like Donovan Mitchell who wasn't a Starter it was Tyrese halberton and it Was Damen Lillard mentioned as the Starters in the East but Donovan Mitchell has been playing a lot better Here recently and hello he's Donovan Mitchell you also have Jaylen Brunson Who's been playing very well you have to Imagine a Tyrese Maxi is also going to Be there and it's going to be tough for Lamela to even sneak in with a healthy Record like or with the healthy resume This season like I I do wonder if lamelo Was healthy and he was playing like he Was at the beginning of the Season would

It be a slam dunk that he would get in Over a lot of these other bat Court Players like I actually think he would Because because how popular he is and Also just how well he was playing but it Really does go to show you the the guard Position in the Eastern Conference and The west but Eastern Conference too it's Really hard to crack especially when you Have some of these emerging guys like a Tyrese Maxi playing so well for the Philadelphia 76ers and so with lamelo hopefully being Your Allstar next year and years beyond That it it would be awesome to see him Continue to get that experience and get That recognition but the health just Hasn't given him that this year the Ankles have not allowed him to receive The All-Star recognition that he Probably would have received and that Would have been alongside the best Guards in the Eastern Conference too Like this was a hard All-Star team to Make and I think lamelo would have done It had he continued to play the way he Did at the beginning of the season but Now it's just so tough to get into a Rhythm like you can see when he comes Back from injury there's some Rust and Then he figures it out after what five Six seven games just like he did at the Beginning of the season but is he going To be able to play more than 15 games

That's the real question and the other Thing that he misses out on too is Lamelo wasn't picked to even have a shot At playing for Team USA this year and That's really frustrating over 40 Players picked guys like your Tyrese Halberton guys like you know tons of Guards that will get a shot that lamelo Doesn't Get and this is what's frustrating about The injuries that he's you know been Plagued with it's now it's starting to Take some accolades away from him and This happens to a lot of different Players but you still hate to see it Happen to somebody that matters so much To your team so now we're seeing the Injuries to take away a potential shot In an All-Star game last year he played 36 games so it takes away that potential Chance takes away an All-Star appearance Here two All-Star Appearances you know him making it his Second season it was like okay this Guy's ready you know Rookie of the Year Allstar you know ceiling is the roof Like this guy's going to go everywhere And then the next couple of years Because he's injured he doesn't get a Chance to go to these All-Star games Well and now like I I've just heard so Many people talk about how beneficial it Is for some of these really good young Players to even just get the experience

With Team USA not and I'm not even Trying to say if you make it to the Final 12 roster and actually play for The gold medal I'm not even telling you That it matters only if you make the Final 12 it does seem like just playing For Team USA not even during the Olympics just trying out or playing with Team USA in other tournaments it matters For these players who get really Competitive they develop relationships With these other Players I it's it also helps some free Agency a little bit if guys are free and There to be had and if Charlotte needs Some help getting a you know nice Complimentary piece or a star and lamelo Just so happens to be here like his Style of Play Already is attractive to Other players I would imagine let alone If he was able to build a relationship With him but that's not going to Happen and I can't help but think okay Well if he had an All-Star appearance Last year and he had another All-Star Appearance this year even had a shot at It then you can't leave him off a top 40 List essentially right like you you got To get some Team USA experience you got To get a Team USA invite and I just I Hope we stop here on the accolades and The opportunities being taken away from Him that's what I hope because it's it Sucks to see some of this stuff continue

To go by while lamelo was injured I I'm Glad he got paid like $200 million all Right we dodged that and they gave it to Him immediately as they should have Right from the get-go I just hope that There are no more opportunities and Awards and accolades taken away from Them because that's how we measure Players based off winning stats all that But some of these other Awards this is How we measure players where you rank on Franchise list and where you rank just Within the general NBA Discussion hopefully lamelo can come Back and stay healthy he's here now Hopefully we don't get too many other Games that he misses unless he needs it Just needs to play hopefully he's able To play and be healthy while doing so And then really go at it next year and Beyond with whatever the team looks like That'll do it for locked on Hornets Thanks for making us your first listen We're free and available anywhere you Get your podcast and that includes YouTube remember you can catch me on West and Walker sports radio 927 WFNZ Every weekday from 12: to 3 p.m. and Doug I think he's going to join me on Monday and you can check his substack Out every Hornets boox score.com thanks Again have a great weekend and we'll be Back with you on Monday

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