Locker Room Sound: JJ Jansen | Week 13

The Panthers long snapper discusses the unique traits Chris Tabor brings to the head coach position as a special teams coordinator.

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Every coach has got their own style and I'm I unfortunately I've had to do this A few times and what I've learned is um To not read into any changes or any Style differences between one coach and The next because it's two human beings And they all communicate differently and Do different things so uh I think the Biggest thing for these early in the Week is that we all kind of get on you Know coach taber's thought process Mindset so we can all kind of move as One and and have have great unity in That regard with that said uh I know you Might be it's had bias here but why was Tab a smart choice to kind of lead the Group moving forward well I've said Publicly for a really really long time Special teams coaches are uniquely Qualified to be head coaches and I think Given the the state of the NFL and how Important offense is I think you Naturally see all teams kind of lean Towards offensive coordinators or Defensive coordinators but because that Offense and defense is so important um You want to get those brains in into an Organization however uh special teams Coaches are uniquely suited to be head Coaches because all special teams Coaches do is Resource Management who's On the roster uh who uh who's up Who's Down uh communicate with the entire team You know we our team meeting and our

Special teams meetings have basically The same people in it which is unique And so I think a guy is highly highly um Capable of going from a special team Situation to a head coach as well as you Just have a natural understanding that Offensive coordinator defensive Coordinator and special teams Coordinators can all have different Roles uh on the sidelines Greg olon Offered you a position on the St yeah I'm the uh pitching coach and I Am the first base coach of the 11e revs Baseball team so that's the only Position I've been offered and what do You think if if he's really interested To in after the job I think you're gonna Have to take that up with Greg I think He can speak for himself on that I feel Like you've been around you've seen in The past teams that have a coaching Change mid-season often are at their Most dangerous that next game out why do You think that is that's a great Question I don't necessarily know um Mean look last year you guys turned Around yeah I I I I don't know I think Certainly there's always you hate to say It but I think there's always a natural Sense of urgency when there's a coaching Change because you know things have Gotten so bad when the head coaches let Go and so there's always going to be a Natural sense of urgency whether that

Creates winning on the field uh I know That's happened a lot I also know Sometimes it hasn't happened so I think A lot has to do with the with the guys In the room uh any potential changes That are made um certainly last year uh What coach wils did was fantastic we Played really well it was a very Organized and unified group and and the Results showed on the field I've been a Part of it before and it didn't go that Way so I think it's Unique to each team And each group of guys and each uh Interim head coach and certainly um I'm Very excited for Coach tab to to be Leading the charge I hate the Circumstances under which it happened But uh I'm excited to see what he does And he's been the same guy through you Know 24 hours of of us doing this and That's and that's certainly encouraging Because I think the team will naturally Take on uh the temperament of its head Coach you sort of alluded to it but to Have been through it a bunch of times Especially last year does that at least Help the TR it's a horrible phrasing I Apologize the trans knowing that this Has been done before we got through it We know how to get through this I think The encouraging thing is especially Coming out of last year is you Understand that um switching coaches Doesn't mean you just have to write out

The string that you can play really good Football um that you can win games that You can have a lot of fun and you can be Really successful so um certainly there Have been teams just in with recent Memory that have done that really well I Think back to the Vegas Raiders with With Rich wasach who was also special Teams coach kind of took on his Personality and they played really well And made a playoff run uh I think There's other examples and I can't come Off the top of my head where it's not Gone that way so there's nothing Guaranteed um but I think what we Learned last year was there's certainly Hope and certainly makes for these last Six games to be an opportunity for a lot Of individual and team success Appreciate it

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